Six Shooter

Gilbert, A young man who had recently moved to the United States for college, runs into a mysterious girl during after hours at a museum. After their first encounter, his whole life he planned out for himself begins to toppled over, throwing him into a chaotic adventure full of crime, infamousy, and romance.

NOTE: This is my fanfiction. The one on is my own account, I'm just placing it under another name because I didn't like the original name for it. I decided to also put it here because, from what few I've seen, Prussia's characterization is terrible or way too edgy. Plus I want as many people to read it as possible because this is my first time writing a fanfiction, and I'd absolutely love to get feedback to help me better my future writings.


6. Chapter Six

She swallowed, hesitated a moment, then started to speak again,”Natalya is my sister,” Her voice was soft and slow; cautious like a mouse near a trap. That explained the reason she knew her, but It just cause more questions for me.

“You see, our family’s never had much riches. We were poor and owned very little. We just had enough to keep us alive and well. But I wanted to go to college here, in America, but we couldn’t afford it. That was until Nat started showing up with money after coming home late from school. She told us that she ‘placed bets afterschool and won’. Mom told her to never do that again, but didn’t take it away from her. She gave it to me and told me the real reason why in private.”

Katyusha fell silent for a moment before continuing,”She stayed ‘afterschool’ frequently, until it became an everyday thing,” I realized that ‘staying afterschool’ must’ve been something along the lines of selling her body. She was doing it for her sister to make her dreams possible. “She brought home money everyday. I didn’t want to tell mom out of the blue that I already raised enough money to take all three of us, my two siblings and I, to America because that would seem suspicious, but me saying it in general was too,” Katyusha explained. “I did end up telling her, and we moved here, but we were still in a major need of money. I was going to college and we needed a place to live, so she sort of picked up on ‘commissioning’. She just does a bunch of dirty jobs, usually for richer people.”

So that was her entire story. Why she does the things she does was for her family. It was sort of unbelievable due to how she acted, but it did make sense. How much she put herself through to support her loved ones was made me question if I would do the same for my family. After a long moment, I decided that I would’ve done all she did too.

“Look, Gilbert, I don’t know what she did to make you angry, but I apologise. I don’t want you getting mixed up in our affairs. It might get you in real trouble, okay?” She sounded sincere. This just led me to think hard and long about it. Even though what she was doing was for her family, it was still wrong. She was endangering her life and other men and women. Ones that have families like herself. Like me. I finally made up my mind and told her I wasn’t going to make any promises, but that I would try to stay away. Fat chance at that, though. I was no longer in need of revenge, but now I had a new goal: stopping her from doing any other fucked up shit.

After leaving Katyusha on that curt note, I drove back home to the less than tidy apartment. ‘Boy, I have some cleaning to do.’
“Buuuuuuuut, I’ll ignore it. For a bit,” I responded to my own thoughts. Nothing better than talking to yourself, amirite?

I tossed my bag on the couch and plopped down beside it. That’s when I remembered that I had to somehow get into contact with that little shit in my class for notes. I stuffed my hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I quickly messaged Arthur if he knew his email or anything; only to get no reply. Well, that was understandable since he was at work. Ironically, he worked at the same place Alfred did, and the same shift. It’s a wonder how anything gets done there with those two. God knows what their constant bickerings are about.

My thoughts were interrupted by the little ‘ting’ that signaled he had responded. Luckily, he did know his email, which was just his weird ass firstname, Morro, and his lastname, only a period to distinguish between the two.  Back in Germany, the government would’ve surely stopped his parents from naming him that.

I quickly went to my email and messaged him. No response. Damn, I feel like that one friend everyone avoids because no one likes him, yet he persists to hang out with them. With a huff, I sunk into the couch. Yeah, I had an essay to write, but honestly, I could bullshit through it at anytime. I watched the professor grade a couple of times; he only counts the pages. I refreshed my inbox every now and then, and wouldn’t you know? Moore actually responded.

Basically the whole message was nagging at me like he’s my mom for not paying attention, but he was willing to make a digital copy and send it my way. Except there was a catch. It was more or less, “hey if I ask you to do something for me too, you better do it” deal. I wasn’t too concerned with it. I was more or less shot and drank spoiled milk, so I don’t think I could get any lower in the barrel than I am now. So yeah, I agreed.

I sat there, refusing to clean, and rotating between my phone and the Playstation. I was playing Rocket League, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty good at it. Alfred gets so pissed while playing; it’s kinda funny to watch him struggle at it. Almost no one has a sense of team composition in the game, so it’s a free-for-all of cars chasing after an absurdly large ball. Where chaos reigns supreme, so do I, in gaming, of course.
I was decent at games like Counterstrike and Overwatch, but Alfred always bested me in those. It’s probably because I spent my time only picking out certain people on the opposing team to piss them off and not caring about my surroundings since I never took those games seriously, or as seriously as I took Rocket League.

I did pull myself away from it after a bit because I had to take notes of today’s lecture and that little-not-so-little essay I had to do.

It took me about two hours of playing, pausing, rewinding, skipping, and replaying until I was satisfied with what I had, but then once I got to my essay, I was borderline burned out and my mind was back on Little Miss Mystery ( I knew her name was Natalya, but I wasn’t going to not give her a nickname.).

Katyusha may have relieved a few burning questions, but she didn’t answer the one thing on my mind. Has she ever killed anyone? And will she kill without hesitation, like for a job?  This troubled me more than it should, but remembering that she did open fire on the forces that day did make me rethink what katyusha said- that I should back off for my own good. Was it really worth the trouble? I know I can’t help everybody, but after what Katyusha told me, I feel like I need to reach out to her, at least. I’m a brother myself and I understand, to a point, where she’s coming from. I don’t know why, but I want to help her out of the mess she’s thrown herself in- I feel obligated to. Guess it’s because it seems like no one else tried to. Well, I’ll proudly be the first, then.

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