Six Shooter

Gilbert, A young man who had recently moved to the United States for college, runs into a mysterious girl during after hours at a museum. After their first encounter, his whole life he planned out for himself begins to toppled over, throwing him into a chaotic adventure full of crime, infamousy, and romance.

NOTE: This is my fanfiction. The one on is my own account, I'm just placing it under another name because I didn't like the original name for it. I decided to also put it here because, from what few I've seen, Prussia's characterization is terrible or way too edgy. Plus I want as many people to read it as possible because this is my first time writing a fanfiction, and I'd absolutely love to get feedback to help me better my future writings.


4. Chapter Four

It's been two hours and our friends still haven't left. They've been chatting up a storm and cheering Alfred on during his play sessions, like the dedicated fans of football back at home. I was starting to feel better, so I decided that I'd leave them to it and have a little bit of alone time to think over exactly what happened at Moving Image. It's been plaguing my mind since it happened. I slipped on my jacket and toboggan, and snatched the keys before I took my leave.

The weather was odd today. The sky was cloudless; the sun beat down on everything below, yet even so, it was a windy day- one that left you feeling chilled no matter how thick your jacket was. It was also damp in a few areas, evident it had rained last night. I decided to haul my ass to Starbucks. I usually avoided it like the plague; it was way too expensive for a cup of coffee, plus it wasn't even that great. I mean, it's better than the almost literal shit Alfred used to drink, but I digress.

I was just standing in line, staring out the window then I saw another classmate of mine. Her name was Yekaterina, but she was usually called 'Katyusha' by everyone else because of a professor failed to pronounce her name. She was passing by on her moped (the ones with the sort of motorcycle framework), looking worried. What was weird about it was the fact that I lived in College Point. I'm pretty sure she lived on campus. After I got my coffee, I decided to go after her, but I had no idea where she went, so I just headed to campus to check. I was passing through Astroia, in fact, I was just about to head into Manhattan, when I saw something I had to get another good look at to confirm my eyes weren't playing tricks. It was the skull. That face mask thing I saw on that chick. It was partially sticking out of a backpack from a woman. I parked the car in the closest parking lot I could find (luckily it was a restaurant so I didn't have to pay for parking), and follow suite after her. It took a little bit for me to catch up to her, but she almost instantly knew she was being followed. She kept heading into less crowded areas until she was only dodging through alleyway through alleyway.

I was starting to get more wary now. She was probably going to assault me and the only real 'weapon' I had was my car keys. I had one hand in my pocket just in case she did attack. I don't care if she's a woman, I'm not going defenseless. She suddenly made for a mad dash, which shocked me, and gave me an extra late start. I managed to keep her semi-close somehow. 'Damn, she's fast..' I was struggling to keep up with her. I wouldn't be slower than her if it weren't for the fact I was sick and injured. She basically flung herself onto a complex's ladder and scrambled up it, with me hauling myself up behind her. Large shots of pain shot up my arm every time I hoisted myself up. My head hung as I climbed, watching carefully not to slip since it was damp. I threw up a quick glance to measure our distance, only to look again to see if I saw correctly, and, well, I did. I didn't really notice her clothes before, and, well, she was wearing a skirt. Frankly, I could see her panties. I just stayed fixated for a moment, which made me mentally scold myself for letting that perverted little moment happen and not look away. I did look to the side after what shouldn't've been a hesitated delay, and scramble up as fast as possible behind her. 'My mission's not for a good ass view, dammit!' Being a lonely college student really has its drawbacks..

I scrambled up, hot on her heels as she ran to the far end of the roof. She swung around to meet me, phone in hand. A stare down between chaser and chasee. "You again?!" Clear disgust reeked from her voice, which took me aback. No, I wasn't suspecting something like 'Oh holly-ho, dearest!'- honestly I don't know what I was suspecting, but that wasn't it. "Who the hell did you think it was? Ol' Saint Nick ready to give you coal early this year?" If she wanted to be snappy, I'd feed it right back without a care in the world.
"Honestly that would be a better situation. I've never committed an act of arson, but if you're planning to track me all around this city, I'd like to make you my first 'subject'," She shot back coolly. There was that accent again, too; I could pinpoint that it was east european- maybe she's from one of the eastern slavic countries.
"Wow, harsh. Willing to kill a man who only wants answers."
"The same man who decided to follow a lone woman into an alleyway and chase her."
At this point I was so tempted to mess with her, she was trying to make me look bad in front of myself. The balls she got for saying that, like it'd work anyways. I hadn't done anything wrong to her and she already hated me. Why? What the fuck did I do?
I scoffed and shot back,"You whipped out a gun on a police force, proceed to fire at them, and held a gun up against me, an innocent bystander. Clearly, you're the one that needs a little more self control. Why did you even involve me? Trying to bait them with me?"
She said indifferently,"Yes, actually."

This chick was colder than dry ice. Colder than ice and salt on the flesh. I was overcome with anger at this point- she was so apathetic about it too. I clenched my fist and stared at her, and without thinking, I charged at her. I saw emotion on her face for once, and that was a blend of shock and confusion. Wide eyed, slightly open mouth, and that slight recoil, as if bracing for impact for a second, but she managed to find her feet and rush to the side. I halted. There was actual emotion. She wasn't some battle hardened gal, no matter how much she acted. She may be cold, but she's not below zero.

She sprinted, directly towards the adjacent side of the building, and jumped, landing on the next one awkwardly. She began to scurry to the other side. I didn't want to start this chase again, but I wasn't giving up. This may've been a very Alfred-ish thing to do, but I wanted justice- no, revenge. Karma serves justice; I just want to serve it before karma does. I to jumped to the next building, which was a close call from a fall for me. I picked myself up and ran after her, which she was about to make her next jump. The building was a little higher up, so she had to rely on some climbing. God, more climbing. The thought of it made my arm ache even more. When I did rush over there and jump, it was like my arm was being crushed sideways by a boulder as soon as I clung onto the building's edge. I dragged myself up with a heave, and once more picked myself up. This continued for ten minutes, but it felt more like ten hours. We ran and jump down- either onto another building or onto one's fire escape, which we rushed up- and we ran and jumped, having to pull ourselves up onto the roof. Finally she stopped, looking down. Like her, I was heavily breathing, but I still approached her.

"Are..You finally…..Done?" I paused between breaths. She flat out ignored me. I didn't ask again because I needed to catch my breath. After a moment, she started walking to the edge, which made me snag her wrist, and with the best glare I could ever muster, I asked,"Where the hell do you think you're going?" She glared back, easily matching my own,"Let go of me." Of course I didn't, so she resorted to twirling her hand unnaturally, forcing me to let go because my hand couldn't twist that far. She took a few steps back, but didn't make a move to run off the roof, as if she was waiting. That's when I heard exactly what she was waiting for. There was a rumbling of a motor approaching, though, it didn't sound like a car or truck's motor; a more tame motorcycle rumbling is what it sounded like. She started to rush to the buildings side once again, which I dashed to snag her, but she jumped off before I could grab her. After a second, a loud thud accompanied by a rattle; she had landed on top of the dumpster, which was 'luckily' closed. She scampered away to something I wasn't suspecting. It was Katyusha on her moped. "Nat, stop getting yourself in unnecessary trouble!" Katyusha worriedly called out. I didn't bother to chase after her, partially because I was tired, but mostly because I knew I wouldn't keep up.

She looked up at me when I called out her name; her face's color turned pallid; it's once vibrant, peachy hue was completely drain, and instead was replaced by pale shock. As soon as 'Nat' had gotten on the metal extent where a second cushion belonged, Katyusha kicked off the ground, her moped sped away, leaving me alone and confused on the building.

    Getting back to my car seemed like a long-ass trip, and when I did get back to my car, Alfred was waiting, sucking on a drink and leaned against my car. Arthur’s car was parked right beside it, yet he was nowhere in sight. It was an old red Citation; wasn’t the most beautiful thing in the world, but you could tell it was kept up pretty well besides a fews scratches and some small dents here and there. As for my car, It was a Caprice Classic. Probably the ugliest color on the damn thing- a sort of greyish-purple- yet, it somehow looked great on the car.

Alfred threw up a hand and offered me a wave,”Hey, Gilbo! We were looking for ya.”
“Hey, Al,” I glanced at Arthur’s car,”Arthur’s not with you, huh?”
He gave the straw one last loud slurp before musing,”Not right now. After a bit we got worried about you so we left to find ya. I thought we should scooby-doo it and split up, but, of course, Roddy got lost, so Fran went out to find him. Art’s inside taking a leak right now,” he gestured towards the restaurant. Great. Roderich’s lost. Again. He hasn’t actually been here for long, but he did say he was prone to getting lost, and maps just make it all the more messy for him.

Usually I’m the one that tracks him down, but since I wasn’t here, Francis had stepped up to take my place. Arthur was now leaving the building, and picked up the pace when he saw me there with Alfred. “There you are,” His voice was relieved, surprisingly not exasperated. Before I could say anything, Alfred declared,”Let’s get going! Now we need to find the other two!” Alfred got into Arthur’s car, followed by Arthur, himself. I decided not to join them in the car because one: I have my own car, and two: five men in a car, especially three stuffed in the back, was not a very comfortable idea.

Alfred had the window down and had Rod on the phone within a second of getting in,”Hey, we found him--” “More like I found you,” I corrected him. He just gave me a ‘Yeah, whatever’ before asking Rod where they were. Roderich sort of stumbled around a bit with his words- he didn’t give a direct answer. Arthur’s feistiness started to shine through after Roderich’s rambling and the fact Alfred called him and not Francis.
“Give me that--”
“Huh? No, no-- Hey, you have your own phone! Give it back!”
Arthur held up the phone to his left ear, the one farthest from Alfred, while fending him off with his free hand, all the while ordering poor Roderich to give the phone to Francis.

If there’s one thing that our little group is, it’s unstable. One second everyone’s working together, and the next is us fighting about either irrelevant things or what to do and/or how to do it properly. It reminds me of those sitcoms, the one’s about family life, where the siblings always fight over the dumbest shit. That all felt surreal to me because my little brother Ludwig and I never acted like this. Sure, we bumped heads from time to time, but instead of literally fighting tooth and nail, we’d attempt to compromise.  Or until one of us get pissed enough to leave the room. Then again, he isn’t much on uneeded violence and tries to prevent it as much as possible. But with my friends, these scuffles were almost routine, not to mention they sort of formed into family to me. One that was a little more reckless and a whole lot less judgemental.

Arthur has finally gotten Francis on the phone it seemed, and even then it took him a bit it figure it out.
“I think Mott Haven?” Francis said, more of questioning himself than telling Arthur. “How could you not know?! You’ve lived here longer than the rest of us, you should know!” Arthur half-yelled into the phone. He was pretty fiery today, apparently.
“Alright, Alright! You don’t have to yell at me, friend! I’m already suffering standing in the parking lot of this disgusting, over-priced greasy-pizza hell! And just because I lived here longer doesn’t mean I am the god of New York suddenly!”

We all knew exactly where he was at once we heard that. He was parked at a Pizza Hut, out of all places. I found it pretty funny because he hated the place with a burning passion, and here he was standing in front of one. They both looked at me to confirm what he said was right, which I really didn’t know since I wasn’t up north often, but I just bullshitted it and said ‘yeah’. Worse-case scenario was Arthur yelling at me, but that’s not that bad.

Alfred rolled up the window and buckled in, which Arthur responded with firing up his car. He never wore his seatbelt though, mainly because the car he had before his Citation was his parents’ old Nova, which he narrowly dodged getting in a crash with someone by slamming on his breaks, sending the car jack in the back windshield to go flying over his head and through the front windshield. If he was wearing his seatbelt he would’ve suffered horribly-- possibly he would not even being here right now because of it.

Initially, I wasn’t planning to join them, but I ended up following them anyways. For once luck was on my side, because Francis was right, they were in Mott. It took us forever to find it and not one of us was actually thoughtful enough to realize google maps was a thing. But, I will say, it was worth watching Arthur and Alfred fight over the radio the entire time as I rode behind them.

Francis was more than relieved to see us too. A little too much. He was borderline praising us like gods for coming to pick him up, which caused Arthur to start stuffing him in the backseat with pure, Slightly-angered embarrassment on his face. Alfred was just laughing it off and put Francis’s bicycle in my backseat without asking me, but seeing how they had nowhere else to keep it in arthur’s car, I didn’t try to fuzz.

After that whole fiasco of getting Francis’s eccentric, overjoyed ass contained, I got in my car, which surprisingly Roderich joined me. I gave him  questioning look, but he didn’t even look at me, but he understood I had a question awaiting to be answered. “I rather be riding with one dumbass than three, with one that probably can’t keep his eyes on the road for a second without trying to stop one of the other two being problematic,” He deadpanned. “Couldn’t even humor me and say ‘you looked lonely so I thought I’d be a friend’?” I feigned being heartbroken by his comment. “No, Gilbert. Can’t risk raising your egotism. God knows what kind of high that’ll give you,” Of course, he was just joking, but I couldn’t help but think that his humor reminded me of that ‘Nat’ girl. What she said about being an arsonist did have a sense of sarcasm, but also gave me a sense of that she was actually considering it. Damn, for a girl I barely know, it seems like she’ll be invading my thoughts more often. It’s pretty ironic, but I found some humor in it’s irony. I started the car and led the way back to the apartment.

Roderich and I sat in silence for a bit. It wasn’t stiff or awkward, just comfortable silence. I was too deep in thought about school to tease Rod at the moment, but he seemed like he was in the same boat. “Gilbert, you’ve been acting awfully strange today. You’ve gone all day without throwing an insult at me, and you’re not as rowdy. You didn’t even involve yourself with the others when they were trying to calm francis down. Usually you’re all over anything to do with fighting,” He looked at me skeptically.
I couldn’t lie to him, but I rather keep my pride than say a noodle-armed girl snagged me. Plus saying I borderline stalked her earlier doesn’t sound so dandy.
I shrugged indifferently,”I dunno. I haven’t been up for it today I guess. I mean I still feel a little sick and tired.” Probably the poorest excuse on the face of the planet, left at the mercy of the god of sass to pick at like a vulture until it’s nothing but dry bone. He responded flatly,”One time you had the flu and almost got in a fist-fight with Alfred because he wouldn’t give you the keys to your car so you could go to school. ‘A little sick’ doesn’t cut it.”
I couldn’t find any suitable response for that, so I just pulled some bullshit out my ass and hoped it was suitable to his needs. “I don’t know. People have their chill days and I’m no different. I don’t know what you’re trying to get out of this, but there’s nothing there, whatever you’re searching for.” He stared at me for an uncomfortable amount of time, which I couldn’t return because safety is much more important than awkwardly staring at your friends. I’m afraid Roderich may’ve figured it out. And that’s not good whatsoever.

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