Six Shooter

Gilbert, A young man who had recently moved to the United States for college, runs into a mysterious girl during after hours at a museum. After their first encounter, his whole life he planned out for himself begins to toppled over, throwing him into a chaotic adventure full of crime, infamousy, and romance.

NOTE: This is my fanfiction. The one on is my own account, I'm just placing it under another name because I didn't like the original name for it. I decided to also put it here because, from what few I've seen, Prussia's characterization is terrible or way too edgy. Plus I want as many people to read it as possible because this is my first time writing a fanfiction, and I'd absolutely love to get feedback to help me better my future writings.


5. Chapter Five

Today was philosophy, and luckily I had the same class as Katyusha. As soon as I entered the class, I saw her sink a little in her seat. I hauled ass to sit next to her, of course. I wasn’t going to let this chance go.  I needed to know who ‘Nat’ was and what their connection was.

Francis and Arthur were here early, Francis was just to bug the living hell out of Arthur, while Arthur just liked to get there early. I mean, I was here early too, but Arthur always got here before everyone else. Francis noticed me sitting next to Katyusha, and this perked his interest highly. So much so he decided to make his way over and tease me about ‘flirting’.

“I see it didn’t take so long after your last poor bout of luck, no?” He chuckled. How did he even know about my last date? I didn’t even tell Alfred about it, and Francis would be the last person I’d tell anyways. I loved him like a brother, but damn was he nosy. Last time I told him about me and a girl he followed me and her around for a full hour while blowing up my phone with ‘advice’. Of course we never got around to meet up again after that.
“No, I’m not asking her out, keep your nose in your own business, french fries!” I shot up. After that, the insults and playful prods continued from there. I noticed that Kat was inching away, ever so slowly away from me. The answers to my questions trying to slip away like a rabbit trying to sneak past a wolf’s radar.

I turned to face her; my hand caught her arm roughly. I must’ve looked pretty pissed because her face formed in such a way that looked like she was petrified, as if I did turn into a wolf. “You have a lot of explaining,” I gave her arm a squeeze to empathize that I meant it,”And Francis, stop trying to control my love life, for the love of God.” This earned a chuckle from my surrounding classmates, which I didn’t see leak into the room as we bickered. I was surprised that no one actually tried to make a move to pull her away since she looked so spooked. “Hmph, alright, alright, but let go of Katyusha, Gilbert. You’re certainly terrifying your lover, and that’s not healthy for relationships.”
“I told you she’s not my girlfriend!” I exclaimed, exasperated. I had let go of Katyusha as soon as I did so. Again, a few giggles crept out of the handful of students. I think it’s pretty clear now that Francis has a knack for embarrassing me in public, but I never learn, I guess.
I got down to eye level with her, which put me in the position of an awkward half crouch. “Tell me after class.” With that, I stood, and strode over to my usual seat.

I sat next to Arthur, who was currently talking to Francis.And per usual, the kid that sat on the other side of me wasn’t here. He was this dark-haired kid, who always had his hair flared up in the craziest of ways, and olive eyes. He also didn’t like me. Well, he didn’t like anyone really. Or at least he gives off that impression. He also gives off the impression of a rich kid-- always had his sunglasses on hand even though it’s winter, a gold chain necklace, but not the one’s the wanna-be rappers wear, and some sort of pastel-ish dress shirt with white dress pants. That’s literally what he wore everyday. He always tries to act like a badass and calls me ‘Bellboy’ because he doesn’t know how to pronounce my last name, nevermind I have a first name. But then again, I can never remember his name either, so we’re even.

And speaking of the devil, he had just walked in. Usually he’d come in late, but today he was early.

He tossed his stuff beside his seat and sat down. The usual half scowl, half neutral look was on his face, and almost never changing. He just pulled out his notepad and recorder and waited patiently until our professor arrived. He kinda reminds me of Alfred’s dad, honestly. Both loaded with money and both look like angry, old men. Only difference was one had a reason to be one.

The class dragged on painfully slow, not to mention thoughts of what Katyusha might tell me later was nagging at me, along with f homesickness. Sure it’s been a couple of years since I was back home, but That didn’t change the fact I missed my friends and family, and especially because Christmas was around the corner, and after that my birthday. I miss Ludwig and his adorable, bubbly Italian friend, along with his polar opposite brother. And Liz. Even now it still hurts a bit thinking about her.

When we were little, we were pretty troublesome alone, but together we were like tiny, destructive demons ready to free our wrath out on the world any time. Which is ironic because, for a child, I was very religious. So much so to the point I wrote in these journals I had everyday in detail because I wanted God and Jesus to know everything about me. My dad and grandfather took it as an advantage and snooped through them to see what I’ve done wrong, and after punishing me I’d always ask through my pitiful tears ‘How did you know?’ and the response was always the same: ‘Jesus told me.’.

But most of the time, in those journals, I would write about Liz’s ‘adventures’ with me and other problematic things we did. As I got older I still wrote in journals occasionally to vent my emotions, because I didn’t want Ludwig or my father think I was a wuss (like writing in a book even made matters better), even then, a lot of my writings were about Liz. The only difference was as I got older, they became more intimate. I was getting around the age of ‘noticing girls’, and logically Liz was truly the first I really noticed. Or even cared for. She ended up being my first crush, but, of course, I was scared of being shot down. When I was sixteen I finally did tell her how I felt, after around two years of hoping the crush I had on her would pass, which clearly it didn’t.

And she did, in fact, turn me down. We still tried to be friends after that, but she shied away from me, knowing well that I still felt that way towards her. Actually, she’s the whole reason why I moved here, to the States, to begin with. I guess I felt like the only option I had at forgetting her was to literally run from my ‘problems’-- her. Well, another reason why I chose the states and not somewhere like Canada or Siberia, was also because of Alfred. We were online friends for quite awhile, and once I told him about my rough plan, he jumped on it, saying I could be ‘roomies’ with him.

I jumped back into reality when my professor had one of his ‘outrageous fits’. For an old man, he was lively, and also loved telling philosophical stories, so it was natural for him to get way into it at times. I felt slightly embarrassed for even jumping at that. Well, everyone around me now knows I wasn’t paying attention and not taking any sort of ‘notes’ at all.

The rest of class passed with my thoughts still waning in and out with the professor’s lecture and note-taking. I was going to have to ask to borrow his recorder, wasn’t I? Today isn’t my day, once again. After a bit, he did finally dismiss us, and I made sure Katyusha didn’t get away. When she left the room I was hot on her heels.
“Kat,” I said, which she stopped, thinking there was no way to get out of this.
She seemed really nervous, like she was about to tell the biggest secret known to man.
“Yes?” The uncertainty in her voice peaked. I sighed, she was probably going to make this hard. “Tell me everything about ‘Nat’. Your connections with her, why she was apparently stealing, and how she got away in Moving Image.” She was quiet for a long amount of time before saying,”Come with me. I don’t want any listeners.” She started to head out of the hall and went outside. No one seemed to be around, aside a camera, but Katyusha kept going, out to an uninhabited area of the parking lot.

She took a deep breath and sighed,”This is more like a story, so please stick with me on this, Gilbert.” I nodded, and in that instant, the premonition of something strange hit me hard. Like what I was about to hear was something I shouldn’t be sticking my nose in at all.

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