The girliest boy in school thinks he deserves to be bullied by his classmates and mistreated by his teachers.
It isn't until Papyrus Font sticks up for him that he realizes he doesn't need to change.
There might be someone out there who loves him for who he is.
*Underswap and Human AU*
*Note: I'm aware that in the underswap AU MTT is a ghost and Blooky is a robot but since they're both humans in this story I'm keeping their original names*


6. Friday

Mettaton can't think at all. It's Friday. Earlier he had barely cared about his detention, Papyrus didn't care, but now?

He's scared. He's never had a detention before and the idea of staying after school with the principal is terrifying.

He thinks about it for all of his morning classes and, again, doesn't end up going to math.

As he steps out the back door, a cold breeze blows into his face.

It's colder today than it has been for the past week. Mettaton ignores the cold and leans on the building.

The door opens, slowly. He tells himself not be afraid, but he jumps anyway.

"Just me," Papyrus says, his voice sounding softer than usual.

He stands next to Mettaton and shoves an article of clothing into his arms.

It's a pink sweater. It's different from the one he had before, but it looks warm.

"I didn't even know I had it," Papyrus says, clearly embarrassed that he owns something so pink, "I just noticed that you've been cold and when I found that last night," he smiles, softly, "It, uh, reminded me of you."

Mettaton smiles. "Thanks."

He pulls the thick sweater over his head. He's much warmer now.

The sweater feels like it's been worn before and smells like honey and cigarettes.

"So," Papyrus says, seeming a little restless, "You wanna go for a walk today?"

"A walk?"

"Yeah, I mean, we have an entire hour before lunch."

Mettaton smiles. "Sure."

Papyrus smiles back.

As they walk down the cold, icy sidewalk, Mettaton can't help but notice the fact that Papyrus doesn't take out a cigarette. Maybe he's trying to be more responsible. It almost seems like it. Maybe the walk is supposed to be a distraction.

"So," Mettaton says.

"Are you nervous about the detention?"


"I dunno, you seem nervous."

"Yeah, I guess," he smiles, "I feel less nervous around you, though."

Papyrus smiles and his cheeks get a little red. "Yeah, I am a bit distracting."

Mettaton laughs some of his nervousness away.

"Have you ever, um," Mettaton pauses, should he really ask this? "Have you ever been around someone who makes you feel... good?"

Papyrus looks confused.

Mettaton blushes. "I-I mean, someone who makes you feel happy and makes you forget your problems."

Papyrus smiles. "First, it's pretty obvious that you're talking about me, and second, definitely," he looks at him, "You're right here."

Mettaton stops walking.

"I really like you, Papyrus," he says, very quietly, as if he's only just realizing it himself.

Papyrus stops as well and stares at him, his eyes wide. It might seem rude, but he's really surprised. Does he mean...?

Mettaton looks down.

"I'm sorry. That was stupid and random. I was just thinking and... I don't know."

"Mettaton," Papyrus says, his masculine voice sounding soft and delicate, "I- really like you too."

They stare at each other for a moment. Neither of them knowing what the other really meant. Are they confessing their love? Are they in love? Neither wants to ask.

His face pink, Mettaton looks towards the school.

"Let's head back," he says, to break the silence.

Papyrus nods in agreement.

They walk back in silence. Really, only one thing is certain. Detention is going to be dreadful and awkward.

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