The girliest boy in school thinks he deserves to be bullied by his classmates and mistreated by his teachers.
It isn't until Papyrus Font sticks up for him that he realizes he doesn't need to change.
There might be someone out there who loves him for who he is.
*Underswap and Human AU*
*Note: I'm aware that in the underswap AU MTT is a ghost and Blooky is a robot but since they're both humans in this story I'm keeping their original names*


2. Dress Code

Quick A/N: Guys, don't smoke. It's bad.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of eating disorders and allusion to domestic abuse.

Mettaton ignores the stares of his classmates as he takes his seat. He doesn't have to care what they think, but a small part of him does. 

The stare that really gets him is that of his math teacher.

"Is something wrong sir?" he asks softly.

"That is against the dress code."

"W-What is?"

"Your makeup."

His face turns red.


"Go to the bathroom and wash it off or you'll be staying after school."

He nods. He's just about to stand up and leave when the boy sitting next to him stands up.

"You can't do that," he says, firmly.

"Papyrus Font, please sit down."

"No," he growls, "You can't do that. That's against the rules and you should know that."

"What part of the rules is that against?"

"It's on page thirty-eight of the student handbook. The dress code."

The teacher sighs and gets his handbook out, ready to prove this misbehaving student wrong.

"It says nothing about makeup. In fact, our school is so messed up that the dress code only applies to girls."

He reads it and can't find anything to say or point out.

"I- both of you will be staying after school in the principal's office on Friday."

He shrugs. "I don't have a social life anyway."

"Mr. Font, this is your fourth detention this quarter. One more and you'll get yourself a three-day suspension."

He laughs. "Can't wait."

He, then, grabs Mettaton's arm and pulls him out of the room with him.

Mettaton has so many questions.

"Why did you do that? I don't even know you. Also, if you're such a bad student, why do you know the rulebook so well? Also-"

"Okay, shut up," Papyrus interrupts, "I did that because I hate that teacher and I don't have anything to lose. Second, you know my brother right? He's the one who keeps trying to flirt with your cousin."

Mettaton nods. His brother was very short but otherwise looked just like Papyrus with slightly nicer hair.

"Every time I get a detention he reads the whole handbook to me," he grins, "I guess it came in hand-y."

Mettaton giggles.

He looks out the window with a troubled look on his face.

"You wanna go outside until our next class?"

"Yeah," Mettaton answers, quietly, thinking about standing by the school with a light breeze flowing through his hair.

He follows Papyrus to the back doors of the school.

"Don't the alarms go off when you open those doors?"

"No. You worry a lot."

"I have to," he says as he follows Papyrus out the big back doors, "I get... in trouble for almost anything."

Papyrus leans against the hard brick wall, pulling a pack of cigarettes out if his pocket.

"My brother and I live alone. Getting suspended just means staying home for a few days without needing an excuse."

He lights a cigarette and holds it between his fingers, letting it rest between his lips.

"So you really don't care?" Mettaton asks, wrapping his arms around his chest in an attempt to stay warm in the chilly air.

"Nope," he stares off past the small patch of grass behind the school and into the woods, "I live without consequences."

Smoke blows out of his mouth and floats away into the crisp, cold air.

"I'm gonna miss being a kid."

"I don't know about that," Mettaton says, "I'm moving out as soon as I can. I hate living with my parents. They think I don't realize how much they worry that I'm gay and-"

He freezes.

Papyrus notices this tension and turns toward him.

"Don't worry. I'm a raging homosexual. It's fun, you know."

"R-Right. They- my parents- think I'm completely oblivious to everything they say, and my dad h-he..."

He covers his visible eye with his hand and takes a deep breath. He brings his hand back down.


Papyrus looks worried but decides not to ask, just in case it's personal.

“I guess, they annoy me and my cousin couldn't care less how much I get harassed at school. I can't wait until I get to move out.”

“Yeah? You going to college?”

“I wish. I'm too stupid for a scholarship and I can't afford to pay anyway.”

“You have more hope than I do. You heard that teacher, I don't get in trouble with my parents or anything but I'm never getting into college. I have no future.”

“Um, what happened to your parents?”

“They died,” he says casually, blowing more smoke.

He notices the sympathy in Mettaton's expression.

“It was years ago. I barely think about it now. I used to think it was my fault but you can't really prevent that kind of thing, you know?”

“I guess.”

“Instead of beating myself up I focused on making sure my brother was okay. He's doing fine now. I mean, I worry about him. He's the kind of person who's really easy to manipulate.”

“Do you worry about him hanging out with my cousin?”

He laughs, which leads to coughing.

“I think I get your cousin.”


“He's young and reckless. I think he cares about you more than you think, he just has his own problems.”



The bell rings, cutting their conversation short.

“What class do you have?”

“Isn't it lunch?”

“Yeah. Right. Who do you usually sit with.”

“My cousin. I hate sitting there, though. He sits with all his freshman friends and- don't tell anyone I told you this- but I don't I've seen him eat more than maybe an apple and a few bites of a sandwich in two weeks.”

“You haven't talked to him?”

“How do you tell someone you can't even say ‘Good Morning’ to that you think they have an eating disorder?”

The second bell rings signaling that everyone should be in the cafeteria.

“Let’s just go. We can talk about this later.”

Papyrus takes Mettaton's hand. Before he can pull away he pulls him inside and suddenly they're in the cafeteria.

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