Hiding the pain

A one-shot about what I think would have happened if Rose was hurt.
10th Doctor and Rose.


1. The Only Chapter

 The Doctor and Rose stumbled into the Tardis and began laughing heartily.

 "Rose you should have seen his face when you said that!" gasped the Doctor through bursts of laughter.

 They had been to raxacoricofallapatorius to rescue the Queen of years because she had been kidnapped by a group of insane slitheen, after that they took a small hop to Akhaten to return the queen but they had been chased by the queen's security guards because they thought that the Doctor and Rose kidnapped her. 

 The Doctor rose to his feet and stretched his hand assist  Rose. She smiled at him and took his hand. She used her left foot to stand up but then she put her right foot on the floor and winced. She tried to cover up the pain before the doctor noticed because he could be way too protective in Rose's opinion but by then it was too late. Slowly, she looked up at his face. He wore a concerned look. He had seen her pain even though she tried to hide it.

"Rose," said the Doctor sternly "What did you do?" Rose hesitated.

"Nothing, i'm fine" she stuttered stumbling over her words, then she glanced at her right ankle and the Doctor spotted her eyes' slight movement.

"Rose, sit down" demanded the Doctor gently. Rose shook her head violently.

"I am fine Doctor, I swear," muttered Rose. The Doctor sighed and walked slowly over to her. "Doctor, I am fine!" Rose tried to back away from the advancing time lord but tripped and hissed with pain as she hit the floor. The Doctor swiftly bent down and scooped Rose into his arms. She wriggled in his arms attempting to free herself but his arms were like iron bars. She stopped wriggling when the Doctor gave her a stern look.

"Fine Rose? Really?" questioned the Doctor, sarcasm filled every syllable. She crossed her arms and huffed. He chuckled and placed her on a yellow chair. Rose realised that he was about to examine her ankle so she quickly tucked it under the chair and shielded it with her left leg. The Doctor glared at her.

"Rose Tyler, stop that nonsense right this second!" Rose was shocked at his tone and use of her full name. The Doctor took advantage of her surprise and pulled her injured leg from underneath the chair. Reluctantly, she allowed the Doctor to examine her ankle but she squeezed her yes shut.

After he finished the examination, he stared at Rose's face. "Rose i'm done, you can open your eyes now" said the Doctor softly. Rose slowly opened her eyes. "You have a sprained ankle" Rose groaned at this but stopped immediately as she saw the hurt expression on the Doctor's face.

"what's wrong Doctor?" asked Rose, her voice was full of concern.

"Why didn't you tell me?" asked the Doctor avoiding eye contact "You have kept this from me for a week Rose. Why did you do that?" Rose shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"I-I was scared,"mumbled Rose. The Doctor's expression changed from hurt to worried.

"Scared of what Rose?" asked the Doctor as he scanned her face.

"I was scared that you would make me go home" whispered Rose staring at her shoes. The Doctor laughed quietly so Rose opened her mouth to defend herself but the Doctor put a finger over lips.

"Rosey Posey you are so silly, there is a sick bay on the Tardis, who do you think that's for?" Rose giggled slightly "You know that I would never take you home unless you wanted to go" Rose looked down and tears fell onto her lap. As soon as he saw the tears the Doctor enveloped her into his arms and rubbed her back soothingly

"Thank you Doctor" said Rose

"Whatever for?" asked the Doctor as he held Rose tightly.

"Everything" sighed Rose leaning on the Doctor. He beamed.

"You are ever so welcome but there is still so much that we have to see and do but right ow all you need to do is focus on getting better OK?"

"OK Doctor" The pair stayed there for hours in blissful silence until Rose fell asleep. After the Doctor realised that she was fast asleep he carefully lifted her into his arms. 

"Goodnight Rose" said the Doctor placing her onto her bed he was about to leave but decided against it. "I love you Rose, I love you so much but you can't ever know" The Doctor sighed in frustration and lay a gentle yet compassionate kiss on Rose's forehead. The Doctor turned to leave again when he heard Rose mumble in her sleep,

"Love you Doctor"

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