Gray Skies Out


3. Could I?

Once Alexa's downstairs catching up with mom, I get to work. I take a warm shower then blow-dry my long, blonde hair. I straighten it and change into a yellow and black floral sundress. I apply light pink lip gloss, natural eyeshadow, and mascara. I slide on brown sandals and run downstairs with my phone. I hop on my blue pastel bike and pedal to Max's house.

When I knock, Max's mother answers.

"Hello Avery." She says coldly.

"Hello Mrs. Johnson. I was wondering if I could see Max." I smile and she quickly returns it with a warm smile.

"I thought you'd never ask, honey. He's up in his room studying. Go ahead." She says kindly leading me into their house.

I jog up to his room and open the door, smiling cutely. Then I notice. Wrapped in his arms is Kaylee Westerfield. My supposed friend.

"Max? Kaylee?" I say, surprised.

Max comes running toward me, a look of worry on his face.

"Avery. Avery, it's not what it looks like." He says running a hand through his smooth hair.

"It's not what it looks like? Really Max?" I cry, angrily.

"Please Avery. Let me explain. Please." Max swipes a tear from his eye.

"Is there anything to explain, Max?" I shout as Kaylee approaches me.

"Oh, Avery. I'm into Max and he's into me. He's so hot so why wouldn't I wanna be his girlfriend?" She smiles evilly and traces her finger along his arm.

"His girlfriend?! Seriously, Kaylee?" I scream and Max pushes Kaylee gently away from him.

"I'm not into her. It's not like that." He cries, beginning to cry.

"Then what is it, Max?" I yell and he tries to hold my hand.

I pull it away, tears burning in my eyes.

"Please, Avery. Give me another chance! Avery!" Max calls after me as I race out of his house and furiously pedal home.

I lock myself in my room and cry hysterically. How could he have another girlfriend only 9 days after he told me he loved me? How could my friend betray me?

The next morning, I decide I'll make Max want me back. I pull on denim shorts and a black and white striped crop top. I curl my long hair and put on the same makeup as the day before. I tie my black converse and ride my bike to school, quickly so I won't be late.

At my locker, Max approaches me. I feel his hand on my arm.

"Don't touch me." I mutter and he removes his hand.

"Avery, it's not what you think. She means nothing to me." He cries.

"Well, that's not good considering she's your girlfriend." I snap, grabbing my history textbooks.

"She's not my girlfriend! She's delusional." He yells, in distress.

"Is she? You did let her make out with you, Max. You guys would make a fabulous couple." I say, saracastically.

Max stares at me for a few moments.

"Avery, you have to understand me."

"I don't have to do anything." I snap.

"She was just a rebound girl."

I roll my eyes at his response.

"Oh, Max. That makes everything better." I say sarcastically.

As I turn to face him he says, "I can't lose you Avery. You mean everything to me. I can't live without you."

"Well, I guess you're going to have to learn how to." I say, slamming my locker.

As I walk away, tears burn in my eyes. I turn to see Max crying but quickly keep walking to first period.

There, Kaylee approaches me. That's when I remember, she has a boyfriend, Jake. How could she be with Max and Jake at the same time?

"Avery! Avery!" She cries as I walk over to my seat.

"Avery, listen to me." She cries sitting in the seat in front of me.

"I don't have go listen to you." I reply coldly.

"Well, I told Jake what I did and he still loves me." She says, proudly.

"Finally everything is right in the world." I snap and roll my eyes.

"That's true love. I don't have that with Max." She says.

"Congratulations Kaylee, I'm really proud of you." I say sarcastically.

"Avery. When you caught me with Max...I had gone over to ask him some questions about Jake since they're close friends. Jakes birthday is a few days away, I needed ideas." She begins.

I roll my eyes, still angry at her and Max.

"I got carried away talking about romance, going on and on about Jake. When he wasn't looking, checking his phone for updates from you...I threw myself on him and began kissing me wildly. He tried to stop me. I had gone insane. I'm so sorry Avery. He didn't do anything wrong. He was trying to stop me." She explains and sighs.

"Thanks Kaylee. But, I don't think we can still be friends." I whisper and she wipes a tear from her eyes.

"I get that. Bye, Avery." She stands up and walks away sitting down next to her boyfriend, Jake.

Tears stream from my eyes as I think about Max. He said it wasn't what I thought and it truly wasn't. I couldn't focus all of history class and I rushed over to Max's locker right afterward.

"I get it Avery. You hate me. How can I explain it any...." I cut Max off by kissing him passionately.

He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer. His breath lingers on my neck as we slowly break apart.

"How? Why?" Max looks confused as I remain in his arms.

"I talked to Kaylee. She explained everything to me. I couldn't live without you either Max." I whisper and max kisses me again.

"I couldn't live without you."

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