Gray Skies Out


2. advice from Alexa

"Avery! Alexa's home!" Mom calls up to my bedroom.

I click pause on the episode of "Grey's Anatomy" I'm watching and take 10 deep breaths. Alexa usually hates me. When she comes home, all she talks about is her boyfriend, Chris, and her life at college. She complains and demands Mom does her laundry. I hear her come upstairs and she knocks on my door. When I open it and let her in, she's wearing a tight pair of skinny jeans and a black crop top. Her hair is curled and flows down to her hips. She's wearing a fair amount of makeup and has peach lip gloss on. She's beautiful.

"What is that? A dumpster? Or my sister?" She smirks and I flop back down on my bed.

"Hi to you too, Alexa." I roll my eyes and she carefully sits down next to me.

"Listen, mom told me you were basically in depression. What happened? Oh and after this, I have a super cute story about Chris." She smiles and her eyes fill with love.

"Okay then." I say and roll my eyes again. I crawl deep under my blankets and she pulls them down.

"Seriously? Is this your plan to get the guys? Cuz you're totally not rocking the cute looks." She rolls her green eyes and starts texting on her phone.

"In case you didn't know, I did have a guy." I roll my eyes right back at her and she stands up.

"Oh yeah! Mark, right?" She smiles and flips her hair over her shoulder.

"No. His name's max. But I ruined it anyway." I cry and snuggle deeper into my bed.

"Omg, seriously Avery? Why? Why do you have to be so stupid?" She basically screams.

"I....I...I wasn't trying to be. He said "I love you" and....and I ran off, crying. He tried running after me. He's texted and called me a thousand times. I haven't responded." I whisper, gently coming out from the blankets.

"Why! Do you love him like I love Chris? Do you want him? Does he mean anything to you?" Alexa screams.

"I know I want him, and he's my whole world. He means everything to me. I'm pretty sure I love him. It's hard Alexa." Tears begin to trickle from my eyes.

"Why is it hard, Avery?" She whispers softly, sitting down next to me, seeming like she actually cares for once.

"Because dad never meant it. He never meant he loved me, you and mom. He left. He left us. I'm too scared Max will leave me, like dad did." I burst out in tears and Alexa wraps her arms around me.

"Avery, nobody's like dad. He was an awful person and it's good we don't contact him anymore. You can't just block out Max, though. He never did anything wrong to you. He tried to contact you, Avery. He loves you and he means it. And you obviously love him. Now, get changed and go over to his house and tell him. Tell him you love him."

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