POWER Rangers : 2

The new power rangers jack the red ranger Leo the blue ranger Austin the black ranger Melanie the yellow ranger Meghan the pink ranger They must save earth from BREGG the giant rock monster


1. finding them

But i just don't get it why do i have to go today , dad ,  its just so we can get situated .  Jack its the first day of school you have to go. Fine.  Math first period social studies second  language arts third     Home Eck 5  and so on and so on.   "Melanie come on were leaving" "OK" mom Im coming.  okay social  studies first  then math then social studies then lunch okay  i got this.  Meghan I acually think jack will notice me this year.  "Hey MELANIE wait  so what are you doing after school" Im plannng on going to the park why , Just wondering, do you mind if i join you ,  I guess you can come.  



                                                                                   AFTER SCHOOL............




alright lets go to the park to play football with the boy's then swing by the grocery store for mom., said jack Okay lets go to the park to  hang out  with Austin then well go home and take a shower, said Melanie.   I got a  date with Melanie SCORE.   Lets go for a jog so i can check out jack .  According to my cauculation there should be something here said Leo.  Hey look i think Leo needs help Austin  lets help him. hey jack , meghan we need help come quick . All of a sudden these 5 little stones started glowing Leo jumped up and said since you guys saved me you can have one  he gave the pink one to meghan the yellow one to melanie the red one to jack the black one to austin the blue on to him ,

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