She's never loved, innocent and broken beyond repair. Quiet and timid. Ryn

He vows never to love, tainted and broken beyond repair. Loud and Outspoken. Luke


3. 8 years ago

She sat in the room again. So many people came in this room to talk to her. Saying how they wanted her. For what, exactly.

"Ryn, hi. Do you remember me?" A woman, she looked like the one from 2 years ago. 

"I guess not, I haven't seen you since you were two. You've grown up so pretty." She smiled wider. Ryn smiled small, this woman was so nice. 



Ryn flinched, she did not,  no she absolutely hated yelling, she felt small, she was scared, she shook. 


"Can you two please calm, come meet your cousin. Ryn, I  know you don't remember the twins, Laura and Leina."


They waved, they were very pretty, large chocolate drops for eyes, wavy long hair. 


---------------(indicating flashback)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Shut up you ugly bastard."


"Ugh I can't believe someone told me you look like me.. what an insult to me."


"Uh.. well Ryn, we're gonna go home, home, let's go get your things, Cortez is waiting on us.


"Is she okay? Is she one of those crazy people, she's just staring at the ground."


"Leina, be polite, she's your cousin, you know she's been stuff she can't understand," Sophia whispered the last part.

"Is she a retardation?"


"Oh my god, no, and it's retarded, you retard." 

"Both of you, stop. Get in the car, Ryn."


"Rynnnnnnnnn, Rynster. Rynstone(Rhinestone). That's all I got, well you've grown up."

"Cortez, please save being weird till she's used to us. Lord, never mind, I'm not used to you."

"But you married me."

"Maybe, I regret it every day."

"You can never get enough of me."

The moved their faces together, Ryn just stared, it didn't phase her, but the action intrigued her. 



"Ewwwwwwwwwww, nasty." Laura and Lena squealed covering their faces.


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