She's never loved, innocent and broken beyond repair. Quiet and timid. Ryn

He vows never to love, tainted and broken beyond repair. Loud and Outspoken. Luke


4. 2 weeks ago

Ryn's PoV


"Laur, Leeeeeeeeee, where are you, cmon this isn't funny," I whined, god they always wanna play an involuntary game of hide-and-scare-everything-out-of-Ryn. But today, or tonight they want to play at midnight, why you ask, they must hate me.


I heard a creek, from around the corner "Laura? Lena?"


"sh*t" I heard Lena mumbled angerly "LAUR SHE FOUND US."


I winced and shock again. "Lena don't yell!  You know!











Laura whispered loudly. 

"Sorry, habit."

"Yea I know you loud mouth."

They continued to bicker and my head grows in pain. I heard a call pull. "guyyyyysssss Aunt Sophia and Uncle Cortez are here, don't be you. It's their anniversary." I grumbled, glancing out the window looking back at them and they looked hurt. 

"well then," they spoke simultaneously. "Cmon, snotty patootie needs to get-" 


"Shut up bitch, find them. Bring the short one, brown hair." An unknown voice 


"what the f-" Laur started


"SPAGHETTI!!" We heard Uncle Cortez screech, then I was suddenly dragged into the closet we were positively told never go in, it looked like the wall, and if you weren't told that it was there, you would never know.. It was way bigger than I had expected..."What's going on-" "SHHHH, mom and dad told us if they ever yelled Spaghetti, to come here, wait till someone knocked on the door, in a specific pattern and said meatballs. Weird I know." 


And that's exactly what we did, waited in the small but large room for what felt liked days, but Laur who had her phone said it was only a few hours. 


-knock knock knockity knockknock.- We jumped. "meeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaatbaallllllllllllllllsssssssssssssss" Laur and Lei snickered. 


They opened the door, and gasped, "Mr. Mark!" They jumped up and hugged the estranged man. 


"Laura and Leina, you look mighty beautiful, grown up so much. How old are you now? 11, oh my bad no 13?"

"We're 16! You know that."


"That's right! I guess I can stop treating you girls like little people now." He sniffled.

"It's okay, we're still your favorites.... are you the person our parents sent to get us."


He sighed and ran his hands obviously thinning hair, with the large patches of gray hairs. 

"Yea, girls, I am."

"Do you know where they are?"

", girls I don't"

"Will we see them again."

"You know I don't know."


I was so confused... who was this man, how come I've never met him if they are so close to him, I've lived with them for 6 years... they said they consider me a sister, a daughter... "Ryn~? Adelaide!" I jumped. "Sorry, you were spaced out."

'You said this is who? Little Ryn Adelaide? Oh, my gosh, Storm will be thrilled." 


"Are we related or...." I started, I could feel my face twisted. I hadn't met anyone from my family except Uncle C and Aunt Soph, Laur and Lei. I felt that was all I needed. They cared for me and made sure I was happy.


"Um... no, just family friend, of your uncle." He smiled. "and your mother, we all grew up together.."


I furrowed my eyes. my mother...


every was black. 


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