She's never loved, innocent and broken beyond repair. Quiet and timid. Ryn

He vows never to love, tainted and broken beyond repair. Loud and Outspoken. Luke


2. 10 Years Ago

-10 years ago-

She screamed and ran into the closet.


She tried so hard to vanish into the wall, never to be seen again.


"Let's go. We don't have time for this."


The clothes we ripped apart, revealing him.


-Salem Carter- Age 26, male 6'3. Sandy Brown hair, light brown eyes. 1 child. Married 2 years.


He never wanted a daughter and didn't want the girl in front of him now. His girlfriend since 11th grade, they, planned everything out. To the t of perfection. Yet when they unexpectedly got pregnant, they hoped to God for 10 long months it would be a boy. Spoiler, it was not, that day December 18th, Ryn Adelaide Carter was born. 3 lbs 13 oz. Underweight indeed. 

They wanted to give her away for adoption, but the thought of her looking for them in 18 years wasn't a happy thought. Did I ever tell you they weren't smart? 


What they didn't know was for housing their small daughter, they'd get a small check short of 1,000$ every month. What the government thought was a good idea in helping raise their next generation. 


So what an amazing bonus in keeping the thing, they thought. It bought them clothes, the clothes he just separated, to find the beaten and battered girl, tears still streaming down her face.  They bought extravagant food and clothes, things they dreamed of having. Instead of buying formula and baby clothes. They hated her with a passion. 


He yanked her and she fought and squirmed as hard as she could.


I couldn't take any more bumps and purple spots.



"Your mother needs to put on te make up." Her struggle didn't phase him, she screamed and cried louder, she cried harder. Nothing, no remorse, he really didn't care. 


************************************************************************************(this will indicted time skip)*******************



"Stop f**king crying, you're making the concealer slip! God, you're so irritating."

-Elvira Carter- Age 25, Brown Hair, brown eyes. 1 child. Married 2 years.


She kept barking for her to shut up, her daughter just kept crying. 

/smack/ Right across her check. "SHUT UP!" She stood now, "god, now I have to waste more makeup on that one."


She continued to beat her face with the blender, covering all the bruises. "Salem get the long sleeved shirt and jeans!" 


When she was dressed, you couldn't see all the bruises and blemishes on the little girl.


"Sit here and only speak when spoken to." She yelled at her. Ryn was so close to crying again, but she knew it would be worse if she did. When company came around then they were supposed to be perfect.


"Mom! Dad! Hey." Salem smiled widely. A man and woman waltz through, looking midway through life. They smiled back, Ryn blocked out everything, the fake laughter and bragging about nothing she'd ever done.


"Ryn." Elvira snarled quietly. Then smiled when the man and woman looked over. "Go to your room till the food is ready. Why don't you" She said it like the sentence was foreign, in reality, it was. 

She ran to the small place she called a room.

"What is this?"

She heard from downstairs.

"Her room mother. What's wrong."

"Everything about this. Why is she wearing makeup"

"Every girl plays in her mother's makeup." 

"No. Just simply no!"

They yelled for hours to come, it was like it never ended.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(2 weeks later)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

"Mother how could you?! You can't let them take away our daughter!!" Elvira yelled. 

"You can't take care of her. You don't deserve her. "

/bang bang/ 


Ryn watched it all, the man and woman laid on the ground. From the car, they looked as if they were sleeping.  Maybe they were.

"She's our daughter! What are you doing, it was self-defense.



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