She's never loved, innocent and broken beyond repair. Quiet and timid. Ryn

He vows never to love, tainted and broken beyond repair. Loud and Outspoken. Luke


1. Prolouge

Ryn She's quiet and timid, broken beyond repair.


Luke He's cold and outspoken, broken beyond repair.


At 9 she moved in with her cousins, Laura and Lena, and their family. Becoming like siblings and were inseparable. Her past was saddening, heart-wrenching. Leaving her scared.


At 15 her aunt and uncle are sent away to witness protection for taking her niece from her unfit parents. Laura and Ryn are sent to live with a family friend, who already house 4 boys and a girl. In Grainger, Maine, neighbors are miles apart, it's just them. 

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