Professor Styles

Harry Styles is a college professor. He teaches the Journalism major. It's his first year being the professor of journalism at UCLA and he is still learning the ropes about college and girls. When he meets college junior, Willow Rudolph, he is instantly caught up in her life. Willow and Harry fall in love with each other the second they lay eyes on one another. Join Harry and Willow through all the hardships of love and life and find out in this three part series if their love is meant to be or destined for failure.


2. Harry's P.O.V.

Chapter TWO

Harry's P.O.V.

All the students at UCLA are already whispering about my presence on campus. I hear my name being said by almost every single person I pass in each plaza. I can feel their eyes on me. Some of the guys here just glare at me as I pass them; others just gawk at me in wonder and amazement. A few of the girls I pass swoon at the sight of me and I can't help but flirt with some of them. None of them catch my attention though.

Ever since the band officially decided to break up temporarily I've been searching for a job here in LA. It just so happened that a few weeks ago while I was touring another campus here in Los Angeles the dean of UCLA got hold of me and told me I was qualified for the job as a journalism professor.

I accepted the job and now here I am.

I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm now being called Professor Styles instead of just Harry Styles, the youngest band member of One Direction.

When I get inside the Journalism wing inside of one of the buildings I look for room 100A. Room 100A is all the way at the end of the hallway so it takes me a few minutes to realize where it is. When I do find the room I take the room key out of my back pocket and I unlock the big oak door. Once inside I search for the light switch and I turn on the lights. The room is half the size of a football stadium.

"Time to get decorating," I say to myself.

I set my bag down on the desk at the very front of the room and take out a few posters of my favorite quotes from my favorite actors and actresses. I set the posters down on the desk then I take out the roll of tape and start to decorate one wall.


I've been decorating my new classroom for at least an hour when the dean of UCLA comes walking into the classroom.

For a moment I continue what I'm doing until the poster I am hanging up is set up then I turn to the woman and I smile at her.

"You must be Demetria Vincent," I say holding out my hand to the woman. "I'm Harry Styles, the new professor for this Journalism class. It's very nice to meet you."

Demetria smiles and takes my hand. She shakes my hand once then lets go of my hand and takes a step back from me.

"It's very nice to meet you, too, Harry," she says. "As you probably already know I'm the dean of this beautiful campus. I came here to tell you, as I have with all the other teachers, some of the rules and guidelines for the first day that starts tomorrow."

"Have at it, love," I say.

Demetria blushes when I call her "love" but her embarrassment quickly goes away and for a few seconds we just stand there in complete silence. In those few seconds I observe her features. She has wrinkles on her face which means she's probably in her fifties or sixties. Her dark skin stands out against her snow white hair and she looks to be about six feet four inches.

"Take it easy on the first day," Demetria says just as I look up into her dark brown eyes. "No one wants to work on the very first day of college. You can either let the students watch a movie on the history of this campus or you can let them get to know each other or you. Either is fine. Feel free to do whatever you want as long as you have enough time to get the syllabus in. I think that's all I have to tell you. Do you have any questions for me, Harry?"

"I don't think so," I reply after a short pause. "I'll come to you if I do though."

Demetria nods her head then she observes the room for a moment taking note of all my posters then she waves goodbye to me and she exits the room. When the dean is gone I let out a slow breath and I examine the room one more time making sure that everything is in place. Once I am confident that everything is in order I exit the room and lock the door.

When I get outside the building I am almost knocked over by a girl rushing to get to the gymnasium. I get out of the way just in time so that I am not knocked over. The girl does a double take when she sees me and when she realizes that I'm one of the guys from One Direction her eyes widen and she slows down to a walk. 

"Harry Styles, right?" she asks me.

"Actually, it Professor Styles," I say correcting her.

"Wait....So, you're a teacher here?!?" she exclaims. "Does that mean I can't have your autograph?"

I chuckle and smile at her. "What's your name love?"

"L-Lily," the girl stammers.

"Well then, Lily. Today is your lucky day. Do you have anything to write with?"

Lily blushes fiercely and nods her head eagerly. She then takes out a permanent marker out of her backpack and hands it to me. She turns around and tugs at the back of her shirt. I sign the back of her shirt then after that I follow her to the gymnasium where everyone is supposed to meet for dinner and the dean's guidelines for the next few days.

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