Professor Styles

Harry Styles is a college professor. He teaches the Journalism major. It's his first year being the professor of journalism at UCLA and he is still learning the ropes about college and girls. When he meets college junior, Willow Rudolph, he is instantly caught up in her life. Willow and Harry fall in love with each other the second they lay eyes on one another. Join Harry and Willow through all the hardships of love and life and find out in this three part series if their love is meant to be or destined for failure.


1. Willow's P.O.V.

Chapter ONE

Willow's P.O.V.

It's the first day of my junior year in college and I absolutely cannot wait to meet the new professor of my journalism class. 

My best friend, Maya Mitchell and I are roomies at UCLA and we're both studying journalism but we're in different hours for that class.

I sigh as I unpack the last of my clothes into the drawers beside my bed. Maya isn't here yet so I have enough time to walk around the campus of UCLA. I bring my cell phone with me just in case I get a text or a phone call from Maya to tell me she has arrived on campus. The plaza in front of the dorm where Maya and I are staying at is crowded with students and teachers trying to sign in so they can get their room or rooms. As I make my way through the crowd I spot Maya in one of the lines, signing herself into our dorm room. 

Maya squeals when she looks up and sees me standing in the middle of the ocean of students. She quickly signs the rest of the waiver and shoves it in the boy's face who is signing her in before she pushes her way through the crowd towards me.

"Willow!" she exclaims excitedly.

"Maya!" I exclaim just as excitedly.

We hug each other tightly then we get out of the way for everyone else and we walk up the steps to our dorm room.

"I feel like I haven't seen you in such a long time!" Maya exclaims in a whisper.

"Well, we haven't seen each other since our sophomore year ended last year," I say. "How was your trip to Las Vegas over the summer?"

"Ohmigod! You will never believe who I met while I was in Las Vegas!" 

I take a moment to unlock the door to our room before saying, "Who?"

"Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures!" Maya exclaims sitting down on my bed. "I visited his haunted museum while I was there. I wasn't expecting him to actually be there in his museum but he was. He was very nice and much cuter in person. I got his autograph for you!"

"Maya, you shouldn't have!" I say trying to hide my excitement.

Maya just smiles and swings her backpack off her shoulders letting go of the handles on both of her luggage. She rummages through her backpack for a second before handing me Zak Bagans book I Am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead.

"You're very lucky, Willow," Maya says. "This was the last copy he had and he signed it for you."

I squeal with delight and grab the book from her and press the book to my chest protectively.

"Honestly, Willow," Maya says. "I think Aaron Goodwin is much more cuter than Zak."

"Aaron is handsome, not cute," I say correcting her emphasizing the word handsome for effect.

Maya giggles like a maniac and falls back onto the bed still giggling.

"It feels so good to be back home," she sighs. 

Suddenly she sits upright in the bed in a flash.

"Oh, my God! I just remembered something!" she squeals. "Guess who I saw on the way in?" She jusmps out of the bed and grabs my hand excitedly.

"My," I whine, "I'm tired of guessing. Who did you see on your way in?"

"I didn't exactly see him but word on the street is that Harry Edward Styles is on campus right now!"

"What?! Maya!" I squeal. "You're kidding, right?"

"That's what I heard. I'm not for sure though."

I frown wondering what in the world Harry Styles from One Direction could be doing on campus of UCLA.

"Word on the street also says that he is going to be teaching our Journalism class," Maya says as if she read my mind. "Our major is journalism, Willow! You and I are his students!"

"Maya, there are multiple journalism classes. You don't know which class he could be teaching in. Besides, I've never had any luck with celebrities at all like you do." I say with a sigh. I sit down on my bed and put my head in my hands. Maya sits down beside me and puts a hand on my shoulder.

"That's not true, Willow. You actually do have some luck with celebrities. Look at the book that Zak Bagans signed and tell me if that isn't having any luck with celebrities."

"Maya, I don't even think Zak is even a qualified celebrity. He's a ghost hunter for God's sake!"

"Have you looked at your class schedule yet?" Maya prods. "You never know what might happen if you at least look at your schedule."

I gasp. I totally forgot about my class schedule!

As I jump off of my bed the book that I had been holding goes flying into the air and slams down on the linoleum floor with a loud smack. After I pick up the book I race out of the dorm and go flying down the stairs with Maya behind me.

Well, this is a great start to my junior year of college! I think to myself.





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