The Secrets I Keep

Being a teenager is hard enough, but when you're thrown into a psych ward, it gets even harder. Sonny Ingle, a 17 year old girl, was placed into a cuckoo hut by her parents to silence her. As she discovers herself there, she discovers how to love.


1. The Start

"Alright, now let's talk about your triggers. Does anyone want to share?" The group leader, Claire, asks the room.

The plump one with an eating disorder raises her hand.

"Go ahead Tammy."

Tammy nods, "Well my parents are," I scoff at her in my head. If only she'd met mine. She'd be our Christmas dinner's main course for three years in a row. "and school definitely." she continues.

"Why? What do your parents do to make you eat?" Claire pushes.

"Because they're always telling me what to do, and they don't accept me."

I puff out my cheeks, and blow my bangs up. "Okay, now why do you say school?"

"People call me names. They throw things at me as I walk in the halls. They never leave me alone."

Claire nods and scribbles something down in her notepad. "Thank you for sharing Tammy. Does anyone else want to share?" Her eyes scan all of us, then stop on me. "Sonny?"

I look up and squirm in my chair. I think for a moment before saying anything, "My parents. People."

"I see. Care to elaborate?" I shake my head. She smirks, "Okay, it wasn't a question. Elaborate."

I hold back a well deserved eye roll, "Well my parents because they never believe me. My mom left when I was 10 and now that I'm 17, she thinks that I want her in my life and that I'll forgive her. Just like that. And my dad doesn't care now that he has a fiancee he only met 4 months ago. I've taken the back seat in his life. He doesn't believe me when I tell him that she beats me when he's not there. He's too thirsty to care about me." I huff.

Claire just blinks at me, not expecting my little rant. I smirk. Check for me.



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