These Hate Rants

Just some rants about people who judge others because of what they look like, like, or do.


2. Love is Love.

Yo people what's up?!? It is I the amazing crazy person. (Huh, I should copyright that and start a circus....) Anywhore, Welcome to another rant. This one people is about us being able to love who we want to love. A few facts first.

-The army would disinherit any gay person in the army

-Before 1993, being gay was illegal and punishable by death.

-When Pearl Harbor came, the army suddenly wasn't so worried about anyone being gay...

-In world war two, the world was forever changed when gay people were enlisted into the army and militia forces, and became higher ranks. We were set free in a way.(Yes I said WE. PROBLEM BITCHES?)

-Finally, finally, in 1967 people accepted that there were just too many of us and so. We were allowed to do what we want, if we kept it private. And in 1993, freedom rang.


So yes. There you have it. We were set free to do as we pleased, but as you can imagine, that did not sit well with most people. So in spirit of anger, they went to all the gay little villages and torched them alive. If i was there I would've killed some bitches and gone to hell for a good reason. Speaking of hell, and somehow heaven, I doubt God would let you go to hell just because of who your in love with. Whoever came up with that needs a good kick in the- anyway. 


I just wanted to give you this informative little chapter because i want everyone to know that it doesn't matter who you love, you will not, unless you do something evil like kill a nine year old just because *cough cough alyssa bustamante cough* So get that dumb idea out yo head. Alright, so that was a super short chapter and it's probably going to be the shortest of the whole book. If you have any ideas for rants, just message me and i will put them in my rants book.


SPREAD THE LOVE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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