These Hate Rants

Just some rants about people who judge others because of what they look like, like, or do.


1. Judgement

What's up people, crazy person here. I am here to talk about things people say. If you don't like what I say then don't read it. It really and truly is that simple. Okay. So today I'm here to talk to you guys about Judgement. This is definitely something I don't appreciate. And therefore I shall talk about anyone who Judges. So, I'm talking to pretty much everyone here. But, fear not dear peoples. I won't say "Your stupid for liking one direction." Because I don't know you. All I know is that you have crappy taste in music. So lets get started!!



Who knows the story about the girl that sits alone in the back of the class reading her books and minding her business, when, oh!Look! Here come the cheerleaders and jocks, and people who are just above invisible? Yeah, I got news for all of you assholes. Being a bitch to people does not make you more popular. I mean, people might be scared to piss you off, but that's about it.They won't hold respect for you, they just don't want to be  next on the list. That goes for everyone actually. Because, just because a girl or guy is hot, on the cheerleading team, plays football, or pretty much any other sport in human history, doesn't mean they are sluts or stupid. So yeah.


See, that one girl over there, with the cute clothes and perfect smile? Well, those clothes are from goodwill. Her family is struggling to make ends meet. And that one girl over there, who tells people all their flaws? Yeah,her. Well her family is not particularly loving, and tells her she's worthless everyday. She does this so she can have others feel her pain. See that one guy,he plays football, he's gorgeous,rich, and he knows what its like to have multiple friends. Yeah. Sorry girls. He's gay.He can't tel anyone cause he'd lose his status, his luster, and all the things that make people want him. So he dates girls, He pretends they are the one for him, when really, it's that one guy in his chemistry class that he wan't to love him. That one guy, over there. Yeah,him. He always gets his homework turned in on time,  the first to finish test, and the guy who always wears long sleeve. He's classified as a 'nerd.' everyone thinks he's suicidal, cuts, and is brainy. Truth is. He's just tryna be the first in his family to go to college. He wants to study law, and be a great lawyer one day. Oh, and the long sleeves? He has cold intolerance. The blood dn't flow much in his body.

So there you have it: The beauty queen, The bitch, the gay guy, and the nerd. 


So people this is a lesson taught, hopefully a lesson learned. Don't judge, cause you don't know what people are going through. 



Hi people. I hope you enjoyed my rant. I will be talking about the Gay people next. Don't Hate!!!!

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