These Hate Rants

Just some rants about people who judge others because of what they look like, like, or do.


3. Equality For All.

 What's up my whores? That's right you all belong to me. 

A short conversation with myself

Me:Today's the day.

Me:To do what?
Me: To destroy the world duh.
Me:Oh. Why?
Me: Because.

Me: Because why?
Me: Because I can you incompetent fool.

Me: Oh. Why.


Yeah, that was just my whores entertainment, even though I do argue with myself a lot. 


Okay today's rant is about equality. Get ready. This affects me personally.


Raise you hand if you know that women are generally payed less than me. Yep,one two thr...So everyone's hand is raised. Now can someone please tell me why?

Student One:"Women are payed less because men are better and deserve better pay. We do all the work anyway. Women can't do anything cause their weak"

Student two:" really?" "

Student One:Yep."

Student Two:"Oh really. Can you bleed 7 days straight and not die?"

Student One: Well no but-

Student Two: Did you know that when the men were sick we had to go out and do their job, plus the cooking cleaning, attending to of the children, attending to of the sick husband,and still have time to talk with everyone?

Student One:Well no, but-

Student Two: So shut the fuck up then.

Me:*Claps Slowly.*

We do a lot more than people think. Men don't like having a woman show them up. So they pay us less than the men which leads us into believing that we aren't doing enough if we aren't earning at least the same amount of the men, which can lead to stress and in extreme cases death. So yeah men, we do deserve a lot more than your giving us. We do because we are worth it. Besides, how would you live without us?


__________________________________________________________________________________________Hi, my beautiful whoreo's. For listing to me rant about things rarely spoken about. Okay. It's time for me to go back and talk to inanimate objects and listen to what they tell me.

Ps, im turning 15 soon. Any idea of what I should ask for?

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