I Choose You

"I choose you, and I'll always choose you."

Hi :) Just thought I'd do some creative writing in the perspective of a girls diary :) Hope you enjoy :)


2. Best Day Of My Life



 I know what you're thinking. Best day of my life? This is one of those cliches, an unrealistic love story. But it's not like that. Though the way I feel might seem very cliche, the story is not. My name is Rose, and this is my diary to you. 


The day we met was May 31st. My sisters had met a lady with a son my age, and they suggested that we meet. Considering I don't have friends and all I did was sleep, I was down for a little mix-up. My sister didn't know his name, so neither did I, until the day we met. It was awkward. I'm not gonna lie. I would love to say the conversation flowed so well I knew it was meant to be. But that didn't happen. As soon as my mom flung the door open and I saw a gorgeous guy with sunglasses on and perfectly cut hair, I was weak. He had the stance of a really cool, stuck up guy. His hands in his pockets and leaned a little to one side. He was tall, and I was thankful he was taller than me, considering I'm amazon woman. He said "Hi" or "Hey" but I can't remember, I was too nervous. I had tried to put myself together that day but I didn't look all that great. Once I saw him I knew he was too cool for me anyway. He came in and we went to my room and sat in silence, trying to make small talk, it wasn't working. I knew I was boring him and I was terrified but somehow it was so awkward I decided to play my guitar and sing to him, just to make it seem not so quiet and awkward. I still don't know how I sang in front of him, I'm nervous to do it now, and we've been dating for awhile. I learned that he played too and that he was way better than me. I'd been playing for four years and he had for three months, it's safe to say I felt stupid. We ended up going outside and there is absolutely nothing to do at my house. He talked about his pool table, hockey table, ping pong table, and all this cool stuff and I said, 

 "We can walk up and down my street and talk?" Because that's what I've always done, and he laughed. I knew I had blown it in that moment. This guy is way too cool for me. So, his mom comes back early because she doesn't really know us and I were sure this guy, who's name I learned to be Patrick, was thankful that he didn't have to be at my house anymore.

 At this point, I'm swoon. I knew he used facebook and I hadn't in forever but I decided to log back on and delete everything embarrassing. Maybe, just maybe, He'd friend me. Time goes on and pretty soon I get a notification. From him. I nearly died. He had messaged me. He invited me to his family barbecue that was happening that night. I was horribly nervous, but I said yes. It was amazing! We played games and had a fire and I started to realize that this boy, was literally the person I imagined in my head that would be my perfect date. I still can't get over how handsome he is. I stared at him all night. The barbecue was fantastic and I went home and I didn't hear from him. I knew I certainly was not gonna be the first to text him. So a day passes. My hopes fall an inch or so. A second day passes, my hopes go down again. A third day comes around, it was the third if I remember right, and he messages me and says thanks for coming to the barbecue. This is it, this is my chance. I reply with something about how much fun it was and thank you for inviting me. He read it but didn't say anything, so I take a chance and I said,

 "What's up" and after that, we talked all night and day for a few days before we hung out again. 


And that my friends, was the best day of my life. Or the best few days. I can't wait to tell you the rest of the story...But for the first time in a long while, I was happy.

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