Between Dreams and Reality

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  • Published: 3 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 3 Apr 2017
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Dedicated to all my oppas out there. You may never know I exist, but...


1. Between Dreams and Reality



I lived in reality, while you exist in my fantasy.

A dream no one else knows except me.

Wishing just to see you, I know its impossible.

But with your image in my mind, its worth dreaming for.



Every minute and every day I always think of you.

Hoping against all hope to finally meet you.

But when this fog of illusion finally clears up,

I found myself awake from this false dream I myself had made up.



Living in a dream is never easy,

Especially when you yourself is your hardest enemy.

You may forget your past but you can never move on,

Because dreams are designed to come and go, and so on and on.



Funny it may seem but its us who choose our destiny.

If we really want to linger in fantasy, or face reality.

They say "better be real than to be ideal", I beg to disagree. Why?

Because I define me as an "idealistic" with a capital I.

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