Emotional Rollercoaster Called Life

Evan goes off to college leaving Lacey behind. Lacey and Evan where always best friends, but even more they were brother and sister. Lacey puts on a fake smile, and acts like everything is okay. Join Lacey on this emotional rollercoaster called life!


7. Ch. 7 Just Thinking...

Setting: -Lacey's Room- -7:23- -Tuesday-


Alec: Hey sorry about tricking you :/

Lacey: It's fine it was a nice surprise!
Alec: What you up to?

Lacey: Just thinking. What about you?

Alec: Just thinking...

Lacey: Really?

Alec: Yeah I like to clear my head sometimes

Lacey: Same

Alec: I guess everyone is trying to get through life

Lacey: that's deep

Alec: What do you mean?

Lacey: I mean I never took you as the kind of person to say deep stuff like that 

Alec: I see

Lacey: My throat kind hurts :/

Alec: Hopefully you aren't coming down with something

Lacey: I think I'll be fine

Alec: Good

Lacey: Why did you decide to text me

Alec: I don't know. I guess I felt bad for tricking you

Lacey: oh okay

Alec: I have to go see you tomorrow!

Lacey: Bye Alec see you tomorrow!

End Text

Once again I was left to think. I decided to watch youtube until I went to bed.


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