Emotional Rollercoaster Called Life

Evan goes off to college leaving Lacey behind. Lacey and Evan where always best friends, but even more they were brother and sister. Lacey puts on a fake smile, and acts like everything is okay. Join Lacey on this emotional rollercoaster called life!


3. Ch. 3 Chase's Backstory *TRIGGER WARNING ADVISED*


Setting: -Mr. Mayors homeroom- -4:00 p.m.- -Monday-


Lacey: Yes it's the end of the day!

Tyler: Hey Lacey!

Lacey Tyler hi!

Chase: Ugh! It's you!

Lacey: What's your problem Chase!

Tyler: *whispers* Don't take it personally he's just moody.

Lacey: Chase why are you like this?

Chase: There's something different about you I guess.

Lacey: Like in-

Chase: No! In a trustworthy sense!

Lacey: Oh!

I was interested in what Chase said about how I was different. I exchanged phone numbers with the boys then went on with my day. Later that night I got a text from Chase, and we've been texting ever since.

Setting: -After School- -4:05 p.m.- -Tuesday-

Chase: Hey Lace!

Lacey: Oh hi Chase!

Chase: You know how I said you seem trustworthy.

Lacey: Yeah.

Chase: I said that because you seem different than other girls. I can tell by your face something tragic happened in your life.

Lacey: Can we go somewhere private please.

Chase: Of course!

We walked behind the bleachers where no one could hear us.

Chase: Go on.

Lacey: Okay, okay I'm adopted. I never knew my parents, but I'm glad I don't. I made my best friend in the whole wide world Evan my brother. He's gone at college. I really miss him. Evan would-

Chase: Always be there for you.

Lacey: Yeah.

Chase: You're lucky I guess.

Lacey: What do you mean?

Chase: If I tell you, you can't tell anyone else okay?

Lacey: Okay.

Chase: My birth mom died when I was two. She had a drug overdose. My dad decided to remarry my stepmom two years later. Life was going great. Until about eight years ago. When I was nine, my stepmom was having a baby. My stepmom didn't want one, but she didn't want to give it up. The baby was born, and that was the happiest moment in my life I met my stepsister Amy. One year later my stepmom became depresses and stressed. She left us. After that my dad started to drink a lot. He still drinks. I take my sister out every night, and usually we sleepover at one of the others houses.

As Chase told his life story tears rolled down my cheeks. I could never imagine what that might have felt like.

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