Emotional Rollercoaster Called Life

Evan goes off to college leaving Lacey behind. Lacey and Evan where always best friends, but even more they were brother and sister. Lacey puts on a fake smile, and acts like everything is okay. Join Lacey on this emotional rollercoaster called life!


2. Ch. 2 Meeting New People

Lacey's P.O.V. Setting: -school- -6:15 a.m.- -Monday-

Lyndsey: umm I'm sorry who are you?

Mr. Mayors: I'm Mr. Mayors a new teacher at the school. Now what are you doing in here you two should be outside!

Lacey: I'm sorry sir we are hanging up posters for my nature club!

Mr. Mayors: I didn't know the principal allowed a nature club!

Lacey: Wait the principal has to allow you to have a club?

Mr. Mayors: Yes! You didn't know that?

Lacey: No. Is there still time to talk to her?

Mr. Mayors: I'm sorry! No can do.

Lacey. Oh....

Mr. Mayors: I'm sorry, but could you head outside please?

Lacey: Okay thank you..

Lyndsey: I'm sorry Lace.

Lacey: I-it's fine I'm just bummed out now.

Lyndsey: Don't worry there's going to be other opportunities.

Lacey: I know, but I really wanted this to work!

Lyndsey and I walked outside, me still being bummed out that the club didn't work out. When i accidentally bumped into someone.

Person: Hey watch it!
Lacey: Sorry!

Person: Watch where your going!

Another Person: Now, now Chase calm down.

Chase: But she bumped me, and I spilled my soda!

Other Person: Sorry about my friend, Chase he's a little moody today.

Lacey: It's okay I'm not in the best mood either.

Tyler: I'm Tyler! The tall blonde one over there is Lukas! The one in the hoodie is Alec, and you already met Chase!

Lacey: Nice to meet you I'm Lacey!

Lukas: Nice to meet you two.

He gave Lyndsey a little wink, and I looked over at Lyndsey who was blushing a little bit.


Tyler: That's the bell see you two around!

Setting: -school hallway- -6:33 a.m.- -Monday-

Lacey: You have to be kidding me!

Lyndsey: What's wrong?

Lacey: I'm in Mr. Mayors homeroom! 

Lyndsey: Ugh! That's sucks I'm in Mrs. Bell's homeroom.

Lacey: At least we have English together!

Lyndsey: True! See you in English Lace!

Lacey: See you Lyndsey!

A/N: I am going to try to post as much as I can! I have some old stories that are really bad, so i don't recommend reading those! I hope you all are enjoying the story, as this is the first story I've written in a long time! Thank you for reading my story, and I hope you all are having a good day!

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