Emotional Rollercoaster Called Life

Evan goes off to college leaving Lacey behind. Lacey and Evan where always best friends, but even more they were brother and sister. Lacey puts on a fake smile, and acts like everything is okay. Join Lacey on this emotional rollercoaster called life!


17. Ch. 16 That One Dance

Kian liked me? I couldn't get that thought out of my mind. I felt bad for him. Tonight was the dance, and I thought that I was the only girl Kian asked. I was wrong. Kian took Chloe to the dance! Chloe the hybrid witch lady! Okay that may be an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. Anyways Instagram was filling up with homecoming pictures, so I gave up looking at my phone. I grabbed my laptop from my desk, and started to watch Youtube. My parents weren't home, so it was just me. I got hungry, so I ordered a pizza. Soon I heard the doorbell ring, and I thought it was the pizza guy but it wasn't

Lacey: Alec?
Alec: Lace you aren't at the dance?
Lacey: I couldn't go

Alec: Why?
Lacey: No one asked me

Alec: I know Kian asked you!

Lacey: What?
Alec: He told me what happened

Lacey: Did he now

Alec: Yup, now tell me what's really going on?
Lacey: Nothing

Alec: You're lying 

Lacey: No I'm not!

Alec: Lace you can trust me

Lacey: You're going to judge me

Alec: Lace I could never judge you!

Lacey: Fine. My brother is in the hospital

Alec: What? How?
Lacey: School shooting

Alec: He got shot

Lacey: Yeah...

Alec: I'm so sorry Lace

Lacey: To make matters worse my parents are gone

Alec: I want to make it up to you

Lacey: What?
Alec: You deserve a dance

Lacey: W-what?
He took my hand, and we danced. I even felt my cheeks get red the whole way through the dance. I've never danced with anyone before. It felt weird so I stepped away.

Lacey: I'm sorry Alec

Alec: It's okay Lacey. I should get going have a nice night

Lacey: You too.

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