Emotional Rollercoaster Called Life

Evan goes off to college leaving Lacey behind. Lacey and Evan where always best friends, but even more they were brother and sister. Lacey puts on a fake smile, and acts like everything is okay. Join Lacey on this emotional rollercoaster called life!


16. Ch. 15 Rejection

Setting: -Lacey's house- -3:13 p.m.- -Thursday-

I had to stay home. I couldn't go to school. I got multiple texts from Lyndsey talking about how lonely she. It was after school when I heard a knock on my front door. Expecting it was Lyndsey, but to my surprise it was Kian with a bouquet of flowers.

Lacey: Umm

Kian: Lacey Baxter will you go to homecoming with me?
Lacey: Kian

Kian: So is that a yes?

Lacey: Uh Kian I'm sorry I can't right now

Kian: What? Why?

Lacey: Something happened

Kian: Lace you can tell me

Lacey: I  don't think I can right now

Kian: But the dance is on Saturday!

Lacey: Still I'm sorry

Kian: Lacey I can't believe you!

Lacey: What it's not my fault!

Kian: I'm done. Hope you have an amazing dance without me

Lacey: Kian! I'm not even going!

Kian: No it's fine! I get it you don't like me!

Lacey: That's not true!

Kian: Then go to the dance with me!
Lacey: I can't!

Kian: Bye Lace.


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