Demon & Vampire

Louis is just a regular vampire with a simple vampire life. Well, not really. He is a huge adventurous troublemaker that lives with his emotionless guardian, Vincent. He is a demon. Louis got turned into a vampire by an evil demon that cursed him when he was newly born. Now he lives with the demon's son. This story shows their crazy, adventurous life together. This story is pretty crazy. So, read at your own risk.


2. Vampire Hunters

Louis's eyes slowly flickered open as the sun rose early in the morning. He heard birds chirping outside the window. Rays of light found its way into his room and shone in his eyes.

Louis was sprawled across the bed. He looked like he was dead. There was one leg that way and one arm this way. It looked like a crime scene.

He got up and stumbled to the door. He opened the door and it was really quite. Usually Vincent was cooking dinner in the morning but Louis didn't hear any pancakes flipping on a frying pan and he didn't smell any delicious sausage.

Did he go somewhere?

Then he saw a note on the fridge. He wobbled over to the fridge and read the note. It said,

I'm going out to get some blood for you from the Blood Bank. I received a letter this morning saying they have new blood for you and to come receive it immediately. I'll be back around noon.

Sincerely, Vincent.

P.S. Don't get into any trouble!

"Well since he's gone," he clenched his fist in the air, "It's a perfect time to get into some trouble!"

He grabbed his hoodie and ran right out the door.

Louis walked around the city, luckily he wasn't thirsty, and he browsed around looking for something to do. Then he spotted a cat beside a fashion store. Oh how he loved cats. His hoodie even had cat ears on it. They were his favorite animal ever. The cat had white fur and Louis loved it when they had white fur. His hoodie is white after all.

He started walking towards the cat slowly. The cat just stared at him. Then it started to trot off into a dark alley way.

"Hey, wait!"

He follows after it into the alley. Then the cat stops and stares into the darkness. But since Louis is a vampire, he's able to see in the dark.

The cat was just staring at a wall. Then it looked up. I tried to find where it was looking. It was looking at the roof, and on the roof there was a black figure just standing there staring at him.

He couldn't make out the figure in time until he felt a sharp pain in his back. He didn't know what the pain was. But then he noticed what happened. He got stabbed.

After the knife got pulled out he fell to the ground and started weeping. He was holding his wound with one hand and covering his mouth his the other.

"You're such a weak vampire, Louis River."

How do they know my name?

"Should we just kill him, boss?"

Why do they want to kill me?

"No, just chain him up and throw him in the van."

What are they going to do to me?

"Alright, c'mon boys! Go help the man."

Who are these retched humans?

They were starting to chain him up until he heard screams of death. One of the men started bleeding and collapsed to the ground. There was a figure behind the man who collapsed.

"Now, now. Why should you have to torture my child so much?"

Louis recognized the voice immediately. It was Vincent.

"W-Who are you?" The 'boss' was shaking bad.

"Oh? You want to know who I am?" He chuckled a bit, "I'm your murder."

Vincent then leaped out at the 'boss' with his wings open and brought his chin up to look at him in the eyes. He moved his face closer. The man was sweating like crazy. Then Vincent's eyes shone in the darkness. Like he got electrocuted, the man fell to the ground and died.

The other men got into the van and drove away as fast as they could. Vincent stared at the van and his eyes shone once again. The van exploded in pieces.

He bent down beside Louis and broke the chains around his wrists. Louis tried sitting up, Vincent put his hand on his back to support him.

"T-Thanks, Vince!"

Vincent stared at him coldly. Louis felt sweat dripping down his neck.

"I told you clearly to stay out of trouble, didn't I?"

Louis looked down, "I just wanted to have fun..."

"Was getting stabbed in the back fun? He almost got your heart. You know if he directly stabbed your heart then you could've died, right?"

Louis just kept silent.

Vincent sighed, "C'mon, lets go home."

He picked him up and carried him like a princess.

"Hey! What are you doing?!"

"Well you don't want to walk home in the situation you're in, do you?"

Vincent was always good at winning. Especially against Louis.

Louis sighed, "Fiiine!"

Vincent brought out his wings and flew up high in the air. He flew back to their house, keeping Louis safe in his arms.

When they got home, Vincent lied Louis on the sofa. Vincent went to the supply box in the kitchen. He dug around in it and eventually found some bandages.

"It's not that bad. It'll just heal on it own." Louis tried getting up. The wound started throbbing. He groaned in pain.

"The wound is close to your heart, so it should hurt worse than any normal wound. It won't be able to heal for a while. But the pain should go away soon." Vincent walked back to Louis and lied him back down. He touched his wound. Louis clenched his teeth, trying to endure the pain. Vincent pulled out the bandages and started wrapping it around the boy's chest.

"Better?" Vincent asked after wrapping him up in bandages.

"I guess so. Who were those humans anyway?" Louis looked at Vincent's back as he went to wet a rag for him.

"They were vampire hunters. They probably said you were weak because you have never been stabbed before." Vincent explained. "They know a lot about vampires, and a lot about you." He walked back to Louis and put the wet rag over his forehead.

"How come they know so much about me?" Louis fixed the rag over the center of his forehead.

"Like I said, they are vampire hunters. They know that my dad was the one that turned you into a vampire. They work with demon hunters and they have been trying to hunt down and kill my dad. Since me and you are the closest to him, they tried to kidnap you to get some information." Louis was shocked.

What were they going to do to me after they got the information they needed?

He couldn't even imagine what would happen to him, or he mainly didn't want to imagine it. Vincent sighed, "I'll help you to bed, c'mon." Vincent helped Louis off the sofa. Louis put his arm around the taller man's neck and Vincent put his arm around the shorter boy's waist. They started walking to his room slowly.

Vincent opened the door to his room and walked in with Louis. He placed the boy on his bed and lied him down. "Goodnight, Louis."

"'Night, Vince!"

Vincent turned off the lights of his bedroom and closed the door when he walked out. Louis tried going to sleep but it was too hard because of the pain in his chest and the thoughts running in his mind. It was going to be a long night for him.

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