Demon & Vampire

Louis is just a regular vampire with a simple vampire life. Well, not really. He is a huge adventurous troublemaker that lives with his emotionless guardian, Vincent. He is a demon. Louis got turned into a vampire by an evil demon that cursed him when he was newly born. Now he lives with the demon's son. This story shows their crazy, adventurous life together. This story is pretty crazy. So, read at your own risk.


1. Pink Eye

Throughout the dark streets of London, there was a black figure running like lightning on the roofs of the large city. It stopped at a large building. The building read "Blood Bank" on the sign. The black figure smirked as it looked down at the many humans below him. It's pink eye glowed in the night sky. It thirst for blood. It saw one beautiful lady with silky blonde hair and shiny blue eyes. It smelt her blood and it was an extremely delightful aroma.

The black figure pounced down at the young lady. Her scream sounded like someone scratching their nails on a chalk board. But it didn't mind the sound, it just wanted the delicious blood. It grabbed her wrists and put its fangs close to her neck. It was about to sink its fangs into her pale skin until someone grabbed the back of its hoodie.

"What do you think you're doing?" The mysterious voice bluntly said. He pulled up the younger boy by his hood. He was choking him a bit but it didn't bother him. The boy turned his head slowly to look at the taller male.

"H-Hi, Vince! I'm just, y'know, hangin' around." He said with sweat dripping down his forehead. The male glared at him and started choking him more. "Okay, okay! I'm sorry! Just please let me go!" The boy begged.

Vince, or Vincent, put the boy down. "You need to stop attacking young ladies. You'll get in big trouble." While he was chatting away about the rules of being a vampire again, the boy looked at the beautiful lady again and started drooling. He hasn't had blood for three days because nobody would donate to the Blood Bank lately. "Louis! Are you listening to me? This is very important!" The boy called Louis annoyingly looked back at the demon.

"Yeah, yeah! I get it! I need to be a mature vampire and not attack humans. I get it already!" He complained, "I just haven't had blood in FOREVER! I'm sooo thirsty!"

Vincent sighed, "Let's just go home." He grabbed Louis's wrist and dragged him home.

Yes, Louis is a vampire, if you didn't catch that already for some odd reason. He has boyish, white hair and a purple and pink eye. He got his pink eye when he was born. He was supposed to be just a regular human being but then a powerful demon set a curse on him to be a vampire for the rest of his life. Then that demon killed his parents and gave the baby to his son, Vincent. Vincent is a demon with black hair and sky blue eyes. He has taken care of Louis and watched him grow up. Louis is a troublemaker and Vincent always has to keep him out of trouble. Vincent is an extremely serious demon that doesn't have any emotion. He rarely ever smiles, or doesn't smile at all, and he usually speaks pretty bluntly.

Once they got to their house, Louis sat on the sofa depressed. Vincent took off his coat and hung it over the coat rack.

He looked at the boy, "What's wrong now?"

Louis looked up at the adult, "I'm starving." His stomach growled.

"Do you want some of my blood for now?" Vincent sat beside the younger boy.

"Nah, your blood is too plain for my liking."

His stomach growled once again. The room broke into silence.

Then Louis sighed loudly, "Fiiiiiine, I'll drink your blood."

Vincent picked up Louis and placed him on his lap. Louis slightly pulled down the demon's collar and moved to his neck. He sank his fangs into his pale skin and started sucking his blood. Vincent put his hand behind the boy's head to hold it into place.

His blood isn't so bad, Louis thought. He deepened his fangs into the male's skin.

After he drank enough blood, he pulled his fangs out of Vincent's pale neck. Louis sat back on the sofa and sighed, "Ahh, that was great!" He rubbed his stomach.

"That should last you for about a week." Vincent said standing up to go to the bathroom.

"Thanks, Vince!" Louis exclaimed while the adult was walking away.

He then walked to his room and plopped down on his bed. He felt stuffed so he decided to go to sleep early. He lied down on the bed and pulled the blanket over him. Then as he heard footsteps walking past his bedroom, going off into Vincent's room, he slowly drifted off to sleep.

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