The High school Baby


1. Chapter 1: Start of a New Year

Dakota's POV:

Ugh! Being 5 months pregnant is tough! "Christian!" I yell. A few minutes later Christian comes running in. "What's wrong baby?" He asks walking over to me. "Does this outfit look okay?" I ask turning to face him. "It looks great baby" He says.

"Your not just saying that right?" I asked. "Of course not, you look beautiful in whatever you wear" He says. I nod and continued getting ready for school while Christian does the same thing as me.

After we were both dressed, we grabbed our backpacks and headed out the front door to Christian's car. Once we got to school, Christian shut the car off, got out and came over to my side.

Christian's POV:
Once we got to MCKINLEY High, I shut my car off and got out. Then I went over to Dakota's side and opened her door. "Thank you" She says.

I grabbed her hand and help her out of the car and once I did that I shut her door well of course after grabbing her backpack. "Christian, people are staring at me" I hear Dakota say. "It's okay, we have all the same classes this year. So if anyone says something mean to you they will have me to deal with me." I say

"Your the best boyfriend ever" She says back. I laugh and start to walk into the school with Dakota. When we got into the school we went to her locker first and then we went to my locker.

When we were done at our lockers we went to the main office to get our schedules. And like I told Dakota we have all the same classes together, which is amazing.

Anyway after we got our schedules we went to our first hour which was World Geography. Once we got to the classroom we picked two desks that were next to each other.

Emerson's POV: 
Once Ellie and I got to school we went to the main office and got our schedules. Then after we got them we checked to see if we had any classes together.

We had 4 classes together and they were: 1st hour which is World Geography, 2nd hour which is PE, 4th hour which is Math, 6th hour which is Study Hall.

When we saw that we had 4 classes together we were really excited. After we walked out of the main office went to our lockers.

When we were done at our lockers we started heading to World Geography, once we got there we saw Dakota and Christian. " Dakota!" Ellie and I said at the same time. "Emerson Ellie!" She said back smiling.

We went over to the desk in front of them and sat down. After a few minutes the teacher came in and started taking attendance. "Once I say your name, tell me if you go by something different" The teacher said. "Emerson Andrews" Mr. Brown called out.

"Here" I said. "Eleanor Andrews" He called out again. "Here and Ellie" my sister said back. "Christian Beadles" Mr. Brown called out. "Here" I heard Christian say.

**skip to R** "Dakota Ross" He called out once again. "Here" Dakota said. After Mr. Brown was done taking attendance he started passing out this years syllabus, and once he was done he started talking about it.

***After Class***

Fallon's POV: 
After first hour ended I started walking to second hour which was PE. I wasn't looking where I was going because I was texting Logan, he was home sick, and I ran into someone.

"Omg I'm sorry!" I said looking up and I saw that it was Faith. "Hey sis" I said to her. "Hey" She said back. "What's up?" I asked her. "Nothing much, just headed to my second hour" She answered back. "What do you even have second hour?" I asked confused.

"Honors World Geography. How about you?" She said/asked. "Nice and PE" I said groaning after I said PE. Faith giggled and looked at me I like I was crazy for hating PE.

"What?" I asked. "You run all time" She said. "I know but that's on my own time and for Softball and Soccer" I answered back. "Oh" Faith said.

"Yea, will we better get to our classes, I'll see you later?" I said/asked. "Yea we should and okay!" Faith said back. "Bye, Love you!" We said at the same time.

Dakota's POV:
When Christian and I got to the gym we went up the stairs to the bleachers and we sat down. I was rubbing my belly because it was hurting a little bit. "Are you okay?" Christian asked looking at me with worry in his eyes. "Yea, my belly is just hurting a little." I said back.

"Oh okay" He said relaxing. I nodded and continued rubbing my belly. Just then Christian scooted closer to me and started rubbing my baby bump.

While Christian was rubbing my belly students started piling into the gym and onto the bleachers. 2 Sophomore girls were looking at me then at my very noticeable baby bump then back at me.

"Christian I'm cold" I lied, although I was getting a little chilly.

Christian's POV:
I saw these two Sophomore girls come in and look at Dakota then at her very noticeable baby bump. "Christian I'm cold" I heard Dakota say.

I knew she was lying because when she said that she was cold, she was still looking at the 2 sophomore girls. But after a few minutes I saw her starting to shiver, so I stood up and took off my sweatshirt that I was wearing.

After I sat back down I handed Dakota my sweatshirt and smiled when she put it on. My sweatshirt was big on her so it didn't show her belly as much. "Much better" I heard her say. "Your welcome baby" I told her.

She looked up at me and smiled, then she laid her head on my shoulder. A few minutes later the PE teacher came in and started talking. "Alright class, so this year the students that are in a sport will be separate from those who aren't in a sport" the PE teacher said.

I looked down at Dakota and she had a worried expression written her face. "Does Cheerleading count as a sport?" I asked the PE teacher. "No it doesn't Mr.Beadles" the teacher answered back. " I'm sorry baby" I whispered to Dakota.

"Its okay" she whispered back, sounding like she was about to start crying. So I started rubbing her back to calm her down. "Anyway, the students that are in sports follow me the people who are not stay here" said another PE teacher.

I unwrapped my arms from Dakota and stood up and then Dakota stood up and grabbed my hand when I started walking towards the steps. "Christian" she said.

I turned around and saw that she had tears going down her cheeks, so I wrapped my arms around her and pulling her into a hug. I felt her arms wrap around my neck and that caused her sweatshirt well my sweatshirt to go up a little bit.

"Mr Beadles?" I heard the PE teacher say. "Yea?" I asked letting go of Dakota. "Is miss Ross pregnant?" Asked the PE teacher. "Yes she is and she is carrying my baby" I answered "Okay, Miss Ross can come with us"the teacher said.

I smiled and looked down at Dakota. Dakota looked up at me also smiling and I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. After a few minutes we pulled away and went with the other students to the other gym.

Once we got to the other gym the teacher told us to sit on the floor and once I sat down on the floor against a wall Dakota came and sat in between my legs.

Which i didn't mind because she always does this even before she was pregnant and I honestly think its cute.

Dakota's POV:

Once Christian sat against the wall, i went and sat between his legs. "Is my bump seriously that noticeable?" I asked putting my hands on it. "You're 5 months pregnant and you kinda waddle when you walk, so yes baby your bump is noticeable" Christian answered wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his hands on the sides of my belly.

"I love it when you call me baby" I said looking up at him. "Good, because I love calling you baby" He said back looking down at me.

We were about to kiss each other when the PE teacher came up to us and sat in front of us. "Hi" Christian and I said at the same time. "Hello Mr Beadles and Miss Ross.

I want to ask you a couple questions" The PE said. We nodded and I felt Christian starting to rub my belly,

I guess he noticed that I tensed up when the PE said she has a couple of couple questions for us. "Okay so my first question is....Do you want your girlfriend in this gym with you everyday Christian?" The PE teacher asked.

I looked up at Christian and nodded my head even though the PE teacher didn't ask me. "Yea I do" He said.

"Alright....Second question is.... I know this further up the road like after you have the baby, but will you be bringing the baby with you to school?" The PE teacher asked once again.

"Um, I'm not sure we have to talk to Christian's mom" I answered.

The PE teacher nodded and sat in a different position. " I know these were weird questions, but I had to ask them" The PE said getting up. "It's fine"

Christian and I said at the same time. After a while, the bell rang. So I sat up and moved forward so Christian could up.

Then after he got up he helped me up and I bent over and picked up my book bag. "What do we have next?" I asked when we started walking out of the gym. "La and after La we have Math"

Christian said looking at our schedules. I nodded and grabbed his hand while smiling up at him.

Luke's POV:

I was at my locker when I saw Christian and Dakota walking my way, so I closed my locker and walked up to them.

"Hey guys" I said walking with them. "Hey" Christian said. I looked over at Dakota and I saw her smiling. " What's up with your girlfriend?" I asked Christian.

He shrugged and turned to look at Dakota. "What's got you all happy?" I heard Christian ask. "The baby just kicked" Dakota said.

Once we got to our classroom, Yes I'm in La with Dakota and Christian. Anyway after we got into the classroom we sat down in the back of the room.

I saw Christian get out of his chair and go in front of Dakota, and kneel down.

Then I saw him put his hand on her baby bump and I'm guessing he felt the baby kick because he smiled real big.

***Skip to 7th hour***

Dakota's POV:

Finally it's the last period of the day! My feet are killing me after walking around all day long. Anyway Christian and I are on our way to 7th hour. When all of a sudden someone ran into me and they ran into my baby bump.

" Owww" I said while rubbing my belly where the person ran into. "Are you okay baby?Is our baby boy okay too?" Christian asked me taking me over to the wall. " Yea we are both fine" I answered. "Alright" He said. After a lot of convincing Christian that I didn't need to go to the nurse, we finally went to our last class of the day.

***After school with Christian, Dakota, Austin, and Danielle at Christian's house***

Danielle's POV:

Right now, Christian, my sister, Austin and I are sitting in Christian's living room. "How was your guys first day?" I asked. "Surprisingly great" Dakota said. "Mine went great too" Christian said and Austin agreed with them.

"So Dakota, do you and Christian no want your having yet?" I asked. " No, but I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I think we get find out." Dakota answered. "Awesome! What do you want?" Austin asked.

"I want a boy and Dakota wants a boy" Christian said. I nodded and got off the couch and went to the bathroom. Yes, I know where Christian's bathroom is...

Buts it's only because I have been over at Christians house so many times. Even before Dakota and him started dating.

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