You're Different (love story)

In the 8th grade, Lily, Gwen, Jonah and Riker all left Avery Cincinnati alone like a helpless loser. They thought she was too uptight and not good enough for them. Well-not all of them thought that. Riker Smith had different opinions.
But now things are different. It's sophomore year and Avery still hasn't built up enough courage to talk to Riker. Riker hasn't built up the courage to talk to her. One day on the way home from a costume party, Avery hit's Riker with her car by accident which causes him to be in the hospital for several months. Avery's mom forces her to visit and help Riker in the hospital.
Will they accidentally catch feelings for each other?


2. Sophomore year -Avery POV-

Reasons why to hate East Coast High School:

1. All boys care about is girls booty.

2. You can never find anyone but 1 or 2 good friends.

3. Friendships break easily.

4. The no PDA rule does not exist. Therefore every corner you pass you will see make outs.

5. No matter what drama you get into, you're always the predator.

I am Avery Cincinnati. I know what goes on in high school. Trust me, it's the last place you want to be. Before I came to high school, I thought it was going to be a lot easier than middle school. I thought wrong.

Continuing down the hallways I see Lily Jackson. The second-prettiest sophomore in the whole school. She can't accept that she has someone prettier than her in the world.

Aileen Connor, was the prettiest Sophomore in the whole school. She had long natural brown hair, sea green eyes-surprisingly natural, tan colored skin, and thick on point eyebrows. It doesn't hurt that her makeup was also always on point.

Aileen is actually really nice as well. Compared to Lily-she definitely wins as what a guy wants. She's kind, loyal, and pretty. Or is she a fake? who knows, at least she makes people feel welcome. On the other hand, Lily does not.

Speaking of the Devil, here she comes. Sashaying down the hallway like she's a queen. Lily you're not a queen I will assure you, no matter how hard you try.

She glares at me and flips her strawberry blonde hair. Maybe you were the coolest girl in 8th grade, not high school sweetie.

I laugh at her and mimic her with my brown hair. Except mine wasn't as long as hers. I check my phone and see a message from Cassie, My best friend. she had me at hello when we met.

She was curvy, with light skin, short curly black hair to her shoulders, and black nerdy glasses. She always had a good sense of humor.

Cassie:Hey where r u?

Me:In the hallway doofus.

Cassie: Well it's urgent. Do u remember that guy Riker?

I reread the message again. Riker? As in Riker smith?

Me: Yea, why?

Cassie: He was talking about u to his friend.

Me: what did they say?

Cassie: I'll tell u in Science.

Me: What is he's in that class?

I had a solid good point. It's the beginning of the year and Riker has had 2 classes with me freshman year. It was always science.

Every time we would look at each other he would act like I don't exist. One time I smiled at him and you know what he did? Looked me in the eye straight faced and looked back down at his homework.

Like what the heck, I'm a living being as well you know. I don't blame him though, after how we ended things in Middle School.

Cassie: Well then I won't talk loud.

Me: Fine but that's a long time from now! Science is in 3rd period.

The bell rings as I am standing in the middle of the hallway. 1st period is about to start. My schedule reads that I have physical education first. "Yay." I mutter to myself sarcastically.

In the girls locker room its really small. There's barely any room for the girls to get dressed. I shimmied my way over to an empty gym locker. It has one person right next to it. As I get changed I notice a familiar t-shirt I had seen before. Something that Gwen had worn in the 7th grade. It was oversized and had a bright pink minnie mouse on it.

I look up and notice Gwen Holder. My ex-best friend. She has changed since I last saw her. She dyed her hair auburn, and had a nose ring.

Gwen notices me staring. "Excuse me, but I'm pretty sure the lesbians dress over there-" She tells me as she points over to a group of loner girls without lockers.

"I'm not a Lesbian." I assure her. She shrugs and smirks at me.

"Oh really? I'm Surprised because you seem to have been looking at my cleavage." Gwen makes a sarcastic pout face and puffs her boobs out. I flinched because they were bigger than mine.

"Listen Gwen, you don't have to be such a jerk. Sometimes kindness will do you good." I take off my shirt and put on another one. She glares at me.

Gwen marches forward at me and corners me by the lockers. "You don't tell me what to do Avery. You don't speak to me either. We left you for a reason honey, and that's never going to change. You were always too uptight anyways." She gives me an evil smile and ignores me.

I know Gwen Holder more than she knows herself. She's only a follower,and sounds like one too.

The rest of PE was okay. I hung out with some girls who were middle-popular all of PE. I had no trouble really except for when Gwen threw a dodge ball at me extra hard.

Second period was Homeroom. Just a typical 45 minutes of, "STD'S" and "AIDS". I have Jonah Sterling in my Homeroom. Another ex-best friend. He did what all my ex-guy best friends do, ignore me. Although it was 45 minutes, it felt like it was the longest period ever.

And Finally third period came. I raced inside the classroom and sat next to Cassie. She was sitting with a bag of mini Cheetos's and a smile on her face.

"Avery! Okay so Basically Riker and this other cute guy were talking," She pauses and peers over my shoulder.

"What are you looking at?" I ask. I turn around and see Riker Smith. He was still popular of course, as he made his way over to the popular boys chemistry table.

When I knew him, he was innocent Riker Smith, the boy who often troubled in class by accident. Surprising his teachers with roses in return for his mistakes. He was tall-taller now. His hair was dark like it always used to be. He was wearing tan skinny jeans, beat up Vans, and a t-shirt.

"Helloo?" Cassie waves at me. She caught me staring at Riker.

"Uh sorry..I-just-umm.." I stuttered. He grew up really attractive.

"Really Avery, He's irrelevant to you. Remember?" She says snapping her fingers at me. I look at her and shrug.

"He just changed.." I sigh and look back at Cassie.

"Anyways so I heard him talking to this guy I don't know his name but he was super cute. He asked Riker about you."

"Well what did he say?" This is getting really juicy.

"He said something like, 'she's hot you know her?' and Riker was like, 'yea but we don't talk.' and he's like, 'well if you ever do talk to her, mention me.' and yea." Cassie smiles really big at me.

"Someone wants to know me? That never happened after 8th grade year."

"Well Avery, get used to it. You're smoking hot and can't accept it." She punches my shoulder and pushes up her glasses.

The teacher begins the lesson.

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