You're Different (love story)

In the 8th grade, Lily, Gwen, Jonah and Riker all left Avery Cincinnati alone like a helpless loser. They thought she was too uptight and not good enough for them. Well-not all of them thought that. Riker Smith had different opinions.
But now things are different. It's sophomore year and Avery still hasn't built up enough courage to talk to Riker. Riker hasn't built up the courage to talk to her. One day on the way home from a costume party, Avery hit's Riker with her car by accident which causes him to be in the hospital for several months. Avery's mom forces her to visit and help Riker in the hospital.
Will they accidentally catch feelings for each other?


3. Partners -Rikers POV-

"Okay class, you know me. Mr. Holder! And Yes I am Gwen Holder's father." He chuckles and twirls his hair.

My first thought was wow, this guy must be gay. But I snooped around in his office and-he's married. I saw pictures of him and his wife together!

"So to start the year off I'm going to be giving you a review of last years science! It's what was planned before hand right my dears?" He winks at us and apply's chap stick like it's lipstick.

Okay now my thoughts are extremely accurate. He smirks at the class and winks at me. I gag and glance around the room.

Behind me a couple seats back is Avery Cincinnati. She was my crush for all of middle school. She made me forget about her. She shut me out.

I notice she hasn't changed much. The brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, and her long eye lashes. I wish I wouldn't have left her, but I had no choice.

"So I'm going to be pulling sticks with your names on them out of a jar, and then you guys will be partners! But be aware, there will be a group of three." He chuckles again and sashays over to his desk.

I seriously wonder about this guy. One of my best friend's father's acting like a girl, but at her house, he act's so manly.

I look over at Avery when she isn't looking. Her best friend Cassie taps her shoulder and whispers some thing into her ear.

I look away just as Avery looked at me. Maybe I should step up and talk to her.

Mr. Holder pulls out popcicle sticks and says, " Amy Douglas, and Ryan Heart."

Phew, I wasn't up first. He pulls out another pair. "Cassie Figgelton, and Jacob Oriella."

After a phew more names the class was getting smaller. Avery, and I are still choices. Finally his last two sticks are, "Avery Cincinnati, and Riker Smith."

We look at each other. Her eyes full of fear. Why was she scared?

Avery raises her hand.

"Yes, my dear?" he calls on Avery. She clears her throat, "Isn't t-there another..umm..person who needed a partner?"

Really? That's all she needed to ask? She was so cute before, now she's getting on my nerves.

Mr. Holder strokes his chin and smiles, "Actually yes." He reaches his hand into the jar and pulls out the name,"Charlie Ramirez."

She smiles at the thought of this. I frown because :

1. I wanted to get to know Avery again.

2. Charlie Ramirez is my mortal enemy.

"Thank you sir." She smiles, but it looks so forced. She hates me and I can't blame her.

We all move next to our partners. I sit right beside Avery. No suprise, she smells like peppermint. As always.

"Hey chika." Charlie eyes Avery. She's trying to avoid him.

"Hi-but before you try to play me-I'm not yours." She turns to the side and looks uncomfortable. I laugh and she looks at me. We have never been so close after 8th grade.

"Just so you know, you're hot chika." Charlie licks his lips and strokes her leg.

"Dude what the hell." I jump in. Avery looks surprised. Before Charlie could say anything back, Mr. Holder was handing us a glittery envelope that was purple and shiny.

"Open it for your new project!"

Me and Avery look at each other, then back to the envelope.

"Should I open it?" She asks.

"Go for it." I replied. I swear I saw a smirk on her face.

Her hand gently rips off the envelope flab and pulls out the assignment. " The human body interaction?"

I gulp at the thought of this. Charlie laughs, "Yea baby. Avery, you and I got this in the bag." Avery kicks is leg and frowns.

"I would rather show human body interaction with anyone-but you." Avery keeps hitting charlie with roasts. I love her enthusiasm.

"Why? You're the hottest girl in sophomore year by far girl." She blushes and looks at him. "No I'm not. You're bull-shitting me and you know it."

She was actually wrong. She was the hottest girl in Middle school, and Sophomore year. The hot girl list went like:

1. Avery Cincinnati

2. Aileen Connor

3. Lily Jackson

4.Gwen Holder

5. Ariana Buchanan

All the boys came up with it in the locker room.

"He's not actually.."I step in.


"Even though I hate Charlie with a passion, I would like to say you were voted on hottest girl sophomore year yesterday."

"Seriously?" Her cheeks turning a bright red.

"Yes chika, and you should go on a date with me." Charlie asks. "Maybe we can fo this human interaction stuff in my bed room."

Avery gags. "No thanks Charlie." She turns to me, "So uh-what should we do?" She pulls out a notebook and starts to title it.

"Let's start by having me apologize." I blurt. She has no reaction whatsoever besides staring at her notebook again.

"Really? And how so?"

"I just want to say Ave, I never wanted to not be friends anymore. I definitely wanted more than that. You have no idea. I have crushed on you all the years before high school. In high school I said I would try harder to talk to you but I couldn't. The fact that you live right across my house and we never talk is kind of depressing. So, I'm sorry."

She bites her bottom lip as Charlie bursts out into laughter.

"Boi that was too good." He wipes away fake tears. I growl at him. My hands Clutch into a small fist. Before I could even swing at the guy Avery did something I though she would never do,

" No no no-forget the nasty hoe. Find a good ol' partner name sloppy joe." Her hand started acting out the song on my hand.

"Find the buns, Then you plop one,underneath the shining sun. Put on again on top. To make the sloppy joe stop."

As she finishes our song from Middle school before school fights, I smirk at her. "I knew there was some of it still in you."

"I never really let it leave...I just, tried to forget you." The bell rings and Charlie looks at us like we were wierdo's.

I leave before Avery. When I was outside the door, 2 seconds later a voice calls me back into the room.

"Riker! Wait!"

I stick my head back in, "Yes?"

"Just forget what happened today, I don't want to become too attached." She looks down at her feet, then at me again.

"Even the project?" I ask, putting on a sarcastic shocked face. She laughs and shakes her head no.

"Of course not-I just don't want to catch the same feeling I did before."

"You had feelings?"

"Since we were kids." She brushes against my arm as she exits the room. I watch her walk down the hallway's past boys who were checking her out.

People say she had a major glow up.

But I say, she was beautiful all along.

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