You're Different (love story)

In the 8th grade, Lily, Gwen, Jonah and Riker all left Avery Cincinnati alone like a helpless loser. They thought she was too uptight and not good enough for them. Well-not all of them thought that. Riker Smith had different opinions.
But now things are different. It's sophomore year and Avery still hasn't built up enough courage to talk to Riker. Riker hasn't built up the courage to talk to her. One day on the way home from a costume party, Avery hit's Riker with her car by accident which causes him to be in the hospital for several months. Avery's mom forces her to visit and help Riker in the hospital.
Will they accidentally catch feelings for each other?


4. Dean Anderson -Avery POV-

Did Riker just admit he had feelings for me? At least he did before. What am I going to do now? I used to have feelings for him..but now I don't feel open.

I sit on my couch and flip through channels on the TV. My mom walks in the front door in her nursing scrubs and looks exhausted.

"Hey Mom." I greet. She glances at what I'm watching for a brief moment. I'm watching Disney channel. She pats my head, " How was school?"

I gulp and try to look as calm as possible. "Uh it was great." I lied. She rolls her eyes and tosses her work bag on the table. 

"Cool, well. I had a hard work day today. A girl had to tell me in front of her parents that she had time you go to a party, make sure to wear protection." 

"EW mom-"

"Just shut up and watch your Disney channel." She joked as she walked off.  My mom was always my old friends favorite.

Just before I fall asleep, my phone buzzes. I grab it and look at the lock screen. Cassie sent me a link. Might as well check it out, I have nothing better to do.

I unlock my phone and click the link. It brings me to facebook. Not just a random facebook page-Dean Anderson, the Varsity football quarterback's facebook page.

I scrunch my nose in confusion and text Cassie back.

Me: Why did you send that?

Cassie: He was the one talking to Riker-about u.


Dean Anderson was talking about me?! I jump up and start cheering instantly. "YESSSSSSSS!!!!"

My mom stomps on the floor from upstairs on purpose, "Ave What the hell are you yelling about!? Save project runway cheers for when I'm at work."

I cover my mouth with my right hand and stare at my phone in my other. 

Cassie: Yea dude-he wants to hook up with u! He's so cute too!! You should defs do it.

Me: Well how? I can't just randomly walk up and approach him

Cassie: Halloween party is literally friday.

Me: And..?

Cassie: He'll be there!!!!!


Cassie: But it's at Lily's...

Me: I'm not going then.

Cassie: You can't let a how like her bring you down!!!

Me: She'll just make a fool out of me!

Cassie: Then you'll have me.

Me: True..

Cassie: Come on!!!

Me: fine...come over!

I take out all of my previous Halloween costumes and lay them out on my bed. Two seconds later, Cassie shows up at my room door, "Hey Biatch!" She exclaims as she plops down on my bed with a huge binder.

"What's up with the binder?" I asked. "It's for your costume ideas duh." She pushes her glasses up her nose with her forefinger.

We flip through pages of magazines and eventually decide on a Cleopatra costume. "It's perfect." I muttered. We glued on the finishing sparkles and collapsed on my bed.

"Dude," She claps out every word. I punch her in the arm.

"Okay! Don't rub it in. I still like my normal life."

Eventually we both fall asleep. It's kinda funny because we have school tomorrow.


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