Guryon in Azeroth: The Pearls

After an everlasting deep sleep of 200 years, Guyron is awake in Azeroth. He hears a young women's voice that sound familiar. Familiarity haunts his mind as he knows he's heard her, but from where?
This adventure book is a whole legend in one story. Guryon is set a task to bring peace back to Azeroth. By bringing peace he must slay the Djinn King and travel space and beyond Azeroth. Very few have attempted this and the ones who have, haven't come back to tell the tale. Will he succeed or be the next to end his life for Azeroth?

Please note, a cover is in progress. I would recommend this to ages of 8 and above (mainly 8 to 13 years of age). Also, I am currently on chapter 5. As well as that, I'm pretty much rubbish at blurbs.


4. Turn around...

 A Rune Blast? I didn't know all of my powers I encountered so far were called Rune something. Oh well, I suspected  that I would find out later in my "adventure". I felt like was some sort of mistake or an accident. Was I the accident?

 I put my A.G.G. in my pocket. I tried to to find the stuff I saw early on in their camp. I found some stuff on a big log. I saw a bat or a piece of wood, a stick with a black end, a abnormal large leaf and 2 barrels behind the log. I walked over to the log with their things on it. I looked at their things and found out the piece of wood was some sort of weapon blood because it had animal blood. The stick was a torch that was half my size and the black part was probably were you would collect the fire from. And the leaf was, just a leaf. I thought maybe this stuff would come to use, so I took the wooden bat weapon thing, the torch and the the big leaf. 

 I jumped over the log and landed near the barrels. I didn't know what to do with the barrels. I looked around both barrels to check for a lid or something. I found nothing. I thought I might as well break them both open. I picked one up and threw it onto the ground pretty hard. I thought it would break. However, it didn't. Well, I hit it hard enough to create a pretty big dent in the wood but that's it. I tried again, results: barrel not broken. I weld out my axe and swung it hitting the barrel. The barrel broke completely. I something, it looked like it was crafted by wood. At that time, I didn't know what it was. I just knew it was an arch shape piece of wood with string at the ends. I picked it up and scanned it on my A.G.G. 

 "Bleep... please wait... "first level Goblin bow", a weapon for shooting arrows, typically made of a curved piece of wood joined at both ends by a taut string used by Red and occasionally Green Goblins... bow saved in 'weapons' section." My A.G.G. told me. I was pretty sure my A.G.G. said 'a weapon for shooting arrows", and I didn't have arrows. So, I didn't know what to do with the bow with no arrow.

 I swung my axe and hit the other barrel hard. It broke open. I found a bunch of arrows. I picked up the arrows and scanned it.

 "Bleep... please wait... 10 'arrow'(s), a weapon consisting of a thin, straight stick with a sharp point, designed to be shot from a bow... please wait... arrow stored in 'weapon' section." My A.G.G. said. 

 I commanded my A.G.G. to give me my bow and my 10 arrows. I felt something sharp leaning on my back, like a bunch of them. I reached my back to pull out the thing and I found out it was an arrow. So, I loaded my bow and aimed at grass. I let go of the string and the arrow shot like a missile into the grass. I released it self in a quarter of a second from my bow. I walked over to retrieve my arrow and stuffed it with the other arrows. 

 I took out my A.G.G. on my map to find north. I put my A.G.G. away, turned around and headed north. I could see the Old Trial of Execution. It was in a circle shape, or at least was in a circle shape. It was all wrecked up at the top. It looked like something bad happened, like really bad. 

 Anyways, I carried on walking towards the Trial of Execution. I could feel the warm wet gamboge grass under my bare feet. I didn't like soo much that the grass was wet, but I liked that the grass was warm. Every time I  took a step, I felt like I was crushing the grass or something defenceless under my tiny feet.

 After around 10 miniutes of walking, I felt a little tired. Kind of? It was more that I needed to have a little lay down. I found a land of grass that Wass significantly flat and didn't look too wet. I ran over to the little dry circle of grass. I thudded the ground several times. It was dry, not damp. I crouched down and stayed like that. My feet and knees were hurting. I tried to keep balance. I started to wobble 'till eventually, my, um... bung hole...(?) fell to the gamboge  ground just before the rest of me did.  Once again, my cheeks hurt ed and I had to sooth it. While wearing the stiff tight shorts on! 

 Once I had soothed (rubbing) the pain (my big cheeks), I was ready to get up. I said 'ready to get up', that was then when I realised how it felt nice to rest my 2 chunks of flesh on the grass and whatever hard stuff was underneath the grass. I thought I could sit down for a while. No harm done.

 After roughly around 5 minutes, I got up on my feet and straightness out my hand. I put my right hand over my eyebrows (because I thought that's what I should do) and looked at the horizon and the execution place thingy. The place wasn't too far away but me seeing the sun quickly was too far away. The sky was in a mixture of red and orange. There was light but no large bright white light in the sky. 

 "Yahahaha... yaheha..." Something whispered. I turned my head around looking for something or someone. "Kgha kgha kgha..." Something whispered. I t sound like someone was choking or laughing from the top of their throat. I carried on looking around.

 I heard something huff or breathe hardly. It was repeating this several times.  

 "I can see you trying find me." Someone said. Well it sounded like a male. A man with a very dark tone in his voice. "Can you find me?" He asked. Just a second later he was chuckling so much. "Well, find me. Find me. Go on, where am I? " He asked in an un-comfortable way. 

 "I- I can't see you u-u-u-u." I said.

 "Ah" he repeated. "You can't find me?" He said upsettingly. "Oh dang!" I had no idea what dang meant. 

 "H-who are u-you?" I asked nervously. I was shaking a lot now and only rolling my eyes to see my sorounding.

 "Look behind and find out... Guryon!" He said. I felt nervous. I didn’t know how he knew my name.

 "Turn around, it's me..." he whispered. I turned around and-


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