Guryon in Azeroth: The Pearls

After an everlasting deep sleep of 200 years, Guyron is awake in Azeroth. He hears a young women's voice that sound familiar. Familiarity haunts his mind as he knows he's heard her, but from where?
This adventure book is a whole legend in one story. Guryon is set a task to bring peace back to Azeroth. By bringing peace he must slay the Djinn King and travel space and beyond Azeroth. Very few have attempted this and the ones who have, haven't come back to tell the tale. Will he succeed or be the next to end his life for Azeroth?

Please note, a cover is in progress. I would recommend this to ages of 8 and above (mainly 8 to 13 years of age). Also, I am currently on chapter 5. As well as that, I'm pretty much rubbish at blurbs.


2. The old man

As I scanned my head around, I spotted an old man sitting under the roof of a cave. He was sitting next to a fire just sitting down. Not doing anything, just enjoying the warm air created by the flames from the fire. He was wearing a black tunic and black metallic shoes. I don't want to sound like I was offending him, but, he was a little plump. He looked like a burnt apple. Not trying to be rude or anything, but it he did look plump.

 I saw he was alone, so I walked over to him. I was trying to not to get distracted,but... I couldn't resist. I saw a really big tree with a hole load of red fruits hanging on the branches. At least the tree was near the cave where the old man was. I sprinted over to the tree and tried jump on the tree. And the truth is, I had to grab on each little bark for dear life. My feet were slipping and making a load of scars on my feet. I started to get a little bit more control and started to climb up the tree. The tree was so big, I had to simultaneously hug and climb the tree. I reached on to a big tree branch and I swung my self on to the big branch. I was hanging on the branch. I was holding for dear life. I tried to reach the red fruit on the tip branch. I managed to get the fruit into the clutches of my fingers.I pulled the fruit to my A.G.G. and put it on the screen to scan the fruit. 

 "Please wait... 'apple', a round fruit of a tree of the rose family, which typically has thin green or red skin and crisp flesh. This fruit comes in green, red and yellow. These are all edible types of apples. ... Your apple is now stored in your 'food' and 'material' section."

 "Oh, I hope it's t-who-whoa." I said. My hands and feet slipped. I fell down hurting my back. I rubbed my back to sooth the pain. It really hurt. I thought I should go back, after I go to the old man.

 I walked over to the old man. I sat on a big rock that near him. "Hi."

"Oh, hi there." He replied.

 "So... what are you doing?" I asked. He huffed and said:

 "Nothing." He replied. The mood was depressing.

 "Are you OK?" I asked.

 "... no?" He mumbled.

 "What?" I asked.

 "Can you just go?" He told me.

 "Why?" I asked.

 "'Cause I so said so. Now, move!" He demanded.

 "Sorry, old man." I said.

 "No need to rude!" He said.

 "I asked just asked you a question." I implied. 

 "Can you, get lost? Please!?" He shouted.

 "Sorry if I was rude! I just woke up from a... um... important sleep. Long sleep, now what's your excuse?" I asked in a harsh way.

 "Really, long sleep? Is that the best you can do? I mean r-... wait is that what I think it is?" He said.

 "What, old man?" I asked.

 "Oh, oh my god! You... what in the of Azeroth? Is that a...?" 

 "What?" I asked. In a gasp face, he pointed at my thigh. "What?" I looked at my thighs. Then I realised, he spotted my A.G.G. "Um... that's a... um..." I stuttered. I didn't know if I should tell anyone what it is or how I got. Or anything about it.

 "... I haven't seen one of those in centuries!" He said in an exited tone.

 "Oh, um... you know what it is?" I asked.

 "You bet I do! It's just... just..." 

 "Just what?" I asked?

 "It's, well... I thought I'd never see any of those again! You must be one of them- wait... did you say a 'long' sleep?" He said.

 "Um, yeah. Why what's it you?" I asked.

 "Please, I'm sorry for my rudeness. I know who you are." He said. Maybe I was going to regain a memory. Or not!

 "You do?" I asked.

 "Yes, you are... Guryon? Has, has 'she' told you yet who you are?" He asked. 'She'? I realised he meant the woman. I didn't know if he was talking about 'her'.

 "Yes... I think?" I cautiously answered.

 "Even that you, you where...?" He asked. I thought he wanted me to finish of his sentence. However, I didn't know what he meant.

 "Even what?" I asked

 "Good she, hasn't told you!" He said. "She hasn't told him." He mumbled. 

 "Pardon?" I asked.

 "Nothing. I'm, truly, sorry for my attitude. Please forgive me!" He begged. 

 "Uh, OK?" I replied. I relied,  I was going to let out a Rune Cry, unless the old man didn't spot my A.G.G. "You are, um... forgiven? Now what's your name?" I asked.

 "Oh, I cannot tell you my name, just yet! I shall tell you later on in your journey. Now, I must help you. Keep in mind I said 'must'. Now, I 'must' tell you what has happened to the great country, Azeroth." He said.

 "Azeroth? What's that?" I asked.

 "Guryon, she has told you lost your memory. Let me give you a very brief introduction to what the country of Azeroth is." He told me. I was kind of annoyed that he or the strange women inside my head, wouldn't tell me who she was.

 He pointed to volcano. " You see that volcano, from there to... " he turned around and pointed to a snowy cliff top. "That cliff, the  big one with snow completely on top, is, or I should say, was the city of Kariko. Onward, there are three more city's. The city's are: Halimo, Santo and Urban Transin. They all exist, however, onward there is another lost city. The city of, Dranhistolm. It was one of the the four major city's lost. Lost during the reign of Queen and Prince Azeroth. It was not the queens fault, she was injured during the first battle against the Djinn King. It was, not completely, but somewhat Prince Haylim Azeroth's fault we lost the four major city's and the other 12 destroyed city's. That was when things created, in short terms, a chain reaction to only the Djinn King's castle and him kept by, well a princess's powers. She, is now Queen Azeroth the 8. I am not allowed to tell you the rest and the details of the Djinn King's victory, however that is all you need to know for now. And if you are questioning the castle you can just about see in the distance, behind Geron's volcano, than don't ask me. You shall later on find out." He told me. I had learnt a lot from a stubborn old man that day. That old man, seemed familiar with me just like the woman's voice. Something about the woman and old man haunted me with familiarity.

"Young Guryon, well you are only 1600 years old. What is the matter, you seem... how shall I say it, disturbed. What is wrong?" He asked. I was staring at him. Something about me gave an unpleasant tingling down my spine.

 "It's just, just-

 "Just what?" He interrupted.

 "It's just there is a haunting familiarity about you and the woman. The woman who, you know..." I replied.

 "Oh, trust me, Guryon. Trust me, you know me from the past. And, there were times were I regret meeting with you." He said. It sounded like we, hated each other before I lost my memory.  

 "Guryon, do try to find about your past, just don't take too much in at once." He said. That was a 'brief' story about what happened to Azeroth? That didn't feel 'brief'". 

 "Now Guryon, I saw, um... struggling to get an apple. Am I correct? " He asked. To be honest, I was struggling. I felt a little embarrassed that the old man picked that up.

 "Yeah..." I replied.

 "Well, I wouldn't offer anything of mine to anyone, but. Take my axe on the tree stump." He said.

 "Really? Are you sure?" I asked.

 "Go on. I've got another one." He said.

 "Thanks!" I said.

 "Use it to chop down any tree, it'll be easier to get the apples you want." He said. I scanned it on my A.G.G. to find out more about my axe. 

 "Bleep... 'axe', a tool used for chopping wood, typically of iron with a steel edge and wooden handle. However, you can use it in your adventure to battle enemies and any thing else you think of. ... Your axe is now stored on the A.G.G. on your 'crafting tools' and 'weapons' section."

 "Guryon, may I suggest a idea?" The old man asked.

 "Yes." I replied.

 "On your A.G.G., place a pin or stamp on the 'Old Trial of Execution' up north and head there. Over there you should hear from the voice in your head. She shall tell you what to do next." He informed.

 "Will do." I said. I on the map on my A.G.G., I tracked the 'Old Trial of Execution'. "Well I better be off. Hope I see you soon." I said pleasantly. 

 "Me to." He said.

 "We're are you going?" I asked.

 "You might find out if you stumble into me. Now, go off." He said.

 "Alright, bye then!" I said. He waved to me without looking at me. I watched him take a stick with a cloth tied around it he had at the cave and headed towards the opening of a forest. 

 I looked at the map on my A.G.G. and looked at the pin I placed at the Old Trial of Execution. It seemed a bit far from where I was. Apparently, I was 732.4 meters from the broken exit of the Old Trial of Execution. I had a long way ahead of me...



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