Guryon in Azeroth: The Pearls

After an everlasting deep sleep of 200 years, Guyron is awake in Azeroth. He hears a young women's voice that sound familiar. Familiarity haunts his mind as he knows he's heard her, but from where?
This adventure book is a whole legend in one story. Guryon is set a task to bring peace back to Azeroth. By bringing peace he must slay the Djinn King and travel space and beyond Azeroth. Very few have attempted this and the ones who have, haven't come back to tell the tale. Will he succeed or be the next to end his life for Azeroth?

Please note, a cover is in progress. I would recommend this to ages of 8 and above (mainly 8 to 13 years of age). Also, I am currently on chapter 5. As well as that, I'm pretty much rubbish at blurbs.


1. The Awakening

Guryon; "Guryon, Guryon, Guryon wake up. Guryon... Guryon." A young woman whispered. I rubbed my eyes.

 "Guryon... Guryon, wake up. Wake up, Guryon get up." The women whispered. I blinked repeatedly. I couldn't see anything, properly. As I slowly stood up, I saw the water draining beneath my feet. I didn't know where I was or how I got here, wherever 'here' is. 

 "Finally, awake at last Guryon, awake after 200 years. Finally, awake." She said. I didn't know who she was. Although, she sounded familiar. I felt like her had heard he soft voice before. I knew I had, but I just didn't know where.

 I was in some kind of magical tub or bath. I felt kind of cold. I looked to my feet only to see my bare feet. I was wearing shorts... that's it, nothing else. No wonder I was feeling cold.

 "Guryon, after all these years, finally you have awakened from your deep sleep." She whispered. Deep sleep? Why was I in a deep sleep? I didn't remember anything. 

 I got out of the 'tub' or what ever. As soon as my foot touched the ground I felt very cold. I was shivering. I was literaly naked. Sort of. "Do you remember anything?" She asked.

 "No." I replied.

 "Are you sure, nothing? Not even, me?" She asked.

 "No. Where am I. Who... who are you?" I asked. There was a moment of silence. Then, I heard a young woman cry. It was slightly hard to hear, it was in the background. I tried moving around in this dungeon or where ever I was, but I couldn't tell where the sound was coming from.

 "Hello, hello, are you-you OK?" I asked.

 "U-you don't remember me. After everything, Guryon, after everything." She said whilst shedding tears. I was confused. What did I go through? What did I go through, with, her?

 "W-what do you mean 'after everything we've been through', please, tell me?" I asked. She didn't reply. I just heard her whimpering. Just, crying. It was slightly, scary. I mean, was I hearing voices in my head, was there a soul trying to tell me something, was there a ghost or spirit where I was?

 She kept sobbing, quietly. I didn't know what she meant by 'after everything', after what?

 "Guryon, pl-

 "How do you know my, n-name?" I interrupted.

 "I, I can't believe it. Father was right, every... sub consciousness you had about me, gone. All gone! Nothing, nothing left of me to you. Not even, a spark..." She said. But, a spark. I did remember her voice. Just the soft, calm, nourishing voice I was marginally aware of. Just the voice.

 "But, I remember, very vaguely, remember the tone of your voice... just, vaguely..." I said.

 "You, remember my voice?" She said. I nodded. "Oh, oh this is who we need, who all of Azeroth needs." She said joyfully. I didn't actually remember, it, it was just the voice. It was awfully familiar. Some how it... I didn't know how to explain it. And what who were the people of Azeroth, but more  importantly, what was, Azeroth?

 " What has happened, please, someone, tell me what has ha-

 "Guryon, there is no time to explain-

 "Please just answer my question, what h-

 "Please! Guryon, please listen! Alright? There is no time time to explain." She said. I was getting kind of annoyed. She didn't let me ask my question.

 "But, you must!" I demanded, "You must explain to me what has happened to m-

 "Guryon please!" She said. I got really frustrated.

 All of a sudden, I felt my body change. My blood rush through my my veins at least one0 times the speed then normal. My veins on my fingers were enlarged. I could see some kind of pulse running through my vein's. I could feel my heart's pulse insanely. I felt like my heart was going to break out of my chest. The feeling was familiar, disturbingly familiar. Something kicked into place. All of my feelings and emotions came to me with in a split second.

 Not even 5 seconds to rest or calm down, something happened. My lungs were tightly squeezed. My pulse was to fast for me to count. The chemical reactions taking place inside me was to aggressive for me to comprehend with. I couldn't breath properly. My lungs were as tight as they could go. I felt like I was strangled by metal clutches. I was breathing in, not breathing out. All my anger was let out in a split second. I let a shriek right out of the top of my lungs, it felt incredibly powerful, terrifyingly powerful. I thought I could hear a building about to topple over. I stopped. I heard bricks tumbling. Pieces of brick was dropping from the roof. I was trying to doge as much of material as possible. As even more things were coming down, I heard I quiet buzz. In less then a second the buzzing got loud and then... silent. Nothing was falling.

 "Guryon, please don't get so angry. That, what you did, was called a Rune Cry. It is not a literal cry. It is triggered by a lot of anger. Your lungs get tighter to create enough energy to create a shriek louder than a lion can scream in fear and can cause destruction than I can, ever. You are the very few who have this ability." She said.

 "But, ...why, why me?" I asked. I really didn't know how I had done that. If I had just woken up from a deep sleep lasting 200 years, how did I even manage to create that tremendous amount of energy?

 "You were one of the other 4 chosen to be gifted. You are gifted with much more power than you know right now." She replied.

 Nothing was clear, nothing. Everything foggy and vague. Just why, why couldn't she explain what was happening. I was getting sort of frustrated again. Then, I realised, what was going to happen if I did. So I tried to calm my self down.

 "Please, who ever you are... if you're a ghost, a spirit, a witch, whatever. Even just a little girl, tell me, tell me why you won't answer my questions?" I asked. I was going to lose my patience with her. I could feel the anger coming back. As well as the anger, I was afraid. I didn't know how I got here. Or who this crazy girl was. I just wanted some answers.

 "Please, just tell me!" I shouted.

 "Guryon, please, don't cause a Rune Cry, again. Please don't get angry or fear me." She replied. I wasn't getting angry, I was afraid. Not too afraid though. I didn't even know what the hell a Rune Cry was. I tried to stay calm.

  "Alright, I-I'll try to work with you (who ever 'you' are)." I agreed.

 "Finally, Now Guryon, don't get frustrated. Everything will soon come back to you and will be told to you." She said. I nodded my head. "Now... Guryon, walk over to the stand." 

 I turned my head trying to look for a stand. I couldn't really see much, there was some kind of fog inside. I wondered around the strange place looking for the stand or any clear light. I walked around when, I saw some light shining at a metal stand. I paced over to the metal stand.

 I looked at it. It was sort of rusty and kind of retro, in a bad way. There was some kind of, kind... 'layering' over it that was peeling of and tatty. I reached out my hand to touch, until...

 "Guryon... look at the stand, look closely. Do you see the symbols on the outer ring of the stand, the smaller one?" She asked.

 "Yeah, so?" I replied.

 "Do you recognise these symbols in anyway?" She asked. 

 "No." I said.

 "Are you sure? Look closely." She insisted. I looked at the symbols, again. They looked strange, yet familiar. It looked like some kind of gibberish to me. Then I realised that, I somehow knew it was some sort of language (or just gibberish). My eyes shut automatically. I didn't try to open them. Then, it kicked in! 

 A sudden flash back occurred. I could see the things... in my mind! It was some sort of vision. It felt like I was there. I saw my self, younger, a lot younger. I looking at a chunk of paper in a leather cover. I was, reading it, I think? I was reading it out loud to someone. It was a figure, a silhouette of a young woman. I couldn't see what she looked like, just her hair. I could see it flowing in the breeze. The sun-light shimmered on her golden hair. It was so bright it provided the younger version of me to see these strange symbols or letters on the bunch of paper sitting in leather.

 I looked closely at the symbols. They looked familiar. I kept looking at them and younger me. Just staring at it. There was something dodgy. Kind of edgy. The symbols just swirled in my head. Something about the symbols were familiar. Like, I had known what they meant.

 My eyes opened instantly. My eyes stretched wide open. My eyes then relaxed. Then, I had remembered why I found the symbols so... familiar. It was a language. It was a type of accent. I learnt it from the girl or teenager with the light golden hair. I was reading, a book. I finally realised, it was a book. I was reading out a story. And, I remember the story well enough to read a few lines of the book. I found... a memory. A forgotten memory.

 "Guryon, are you ok?" The lady asked.

 "Yes, I just had a vision. More of a flash back." I replied.

 "Oh, it's true! He regained the moment just like he''l regain the rest." She said joyfully. She seemed so happy. Just like when I said I thought she was familiar.

 "Guryon, read it. Read the story you were reading." She asked.

 "Uh-OK. I'll try." I replied. I knew some of the lines, however, they weren't strong enough. But, I didn't want to send her in tears. "OK. 'Helious'-uh 'Helious ran to the great beast. He weld h-'. Um, it's kind of sketchy, but I'll try. Um... 'H-he weld his sword from his back and slashed it in the air. He raised his shield to block the Djin King's fire hazards. And-and he' um... ' He... he gave his final blow to the Czar of Djin. And-and the beast was sealed away with H-' I-I remember the story. sort of." I said. I couldn't believe it, I was able to recite some of the story.

 "Guryon that is one of many memory's you need to regain. That memory now shall never be lost for as long as I or you live." She said. "However-" Uh, oh. "You don't seem to remember the last word -or name- in your recitation. Do you?" She asked.

 "I remember the first letter. But, that's pretty much it." I replied.

 "You... you haven't fully regained that memory. So, I can't tell you the name of the story. Just yet." She said in a sad voice. Then there was a moment of silence. Then, I heard... sobbing. In the background, again! Yet again, it was very vague and very faint. 

 "D-don't mind me. Now, place you'r palm on the circle on top of the stand with the foggy blue light." She told me.

 "OK." I replied. I placed my palm on the circle. After 2 seconds, there was a 'bleep' and the blue light wasn't foggy any more. I took my hand of and looked at my hand print. It was in a blue light. A white strip of light scanned my hand print 2 times. 'Bleep', made the same sound again.

 "Guryon, touch the screen where you placed your hands on again." She told me. I touched the screen once more. After a second, in the language I just re-learned the screen read 'remove your fingertip from the screen and wait.' I took my fingertip of the screen. I waited for another 'bloop' sound, but nothing happened.

 "Um, what do I need to do now?" I asked the young woman.

 "Wait." She replied. I waited for something to happen. A little while later  someone or something said 'please wait...Please watch out for falling rocks.', falling rocks?

 "Guryon let out your Rune Cry, now!" The woman insisted.

 "Why? How?" I asked.

 "Because if you don't then, I'll drain all your memory's since your awakening from your deep sleep. That includes, the memory you regained." She said quickly. I got incredibly angry and exceedingly fast. My lungs went really tight and the whole process happened again in a second. After a second of my Rune Cry, I heard stones falling I was going to stop, until I realised my Rune Cry was blocking the falling rocks. That was why she wanted me to let out my Rune Cry and made me frustrated . I had to keep my Rune Cry carry on for around 20 until the rocks stopped falling. Then I had to keep it for another 5/6 seconds to break the rocks left. When my Rune Cry stopped, I put both hand in front of my head for cover.

 'Bleep'."...Your 'Auto Generated Guide.' Also known as A.G.G., is created and is now ready for you to take with you after your long slumber. Come back to the stand and retrieve your A.G.G." I walked over to the stand. I didn't know what to do, so I asked the mysterious woman "What do I do?".

 "Put your finger on the screen again." She replied. I placed my finger on the screen again until it made that strange sound again. I removed my finger from the screen and waited. The screen created a smaller screen from light or some sort. I got a little scared when it happened. 

 "This is your A.G.G. (Auto Generated Map). Take it." The A.G.G. was kind big. The width was about the length from my shoulder to my elbow. It had one handle one the right and left of the screen. It was very slim and looked like it could brake easily. I took it of the screen on the stand thing. I looked at the screen and there was a sound it made:'Bloop, bloop...bloop...bloop'. Each time the A.G.G. made a 'Bloop' sound it would go quieter and quieter. I think it turned on. There was the ancient symbols written on the screen when it turned on  spelling:A.G.G. Your Auto Generated Guide is now ready to be taken. 

 "This is your Auto Generated Guide (A.G.G.). It is a device specially created to act as a companion. Your companion Guryon. It will help you and guide you on your adventure through Azeroth." She told me.

 "Sorry, adventure?" I asked.

 "Yes. Like I said before, everything will soon be clear through your adventure." She answered. I nodded my head cautiously. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I didn't know what or who I was going to face. I was slightly unsure if I was going to survive my mission (whatever it was). "Guryon, Guryon look on the other side." She said. Nothing happened. All of a sudden, it sound like something made from bricks was either moving or opening. Before I knew it, one side of the wall had created an entrance. I shielded my eyes with right hand as there was light, familiar light. It was day light! I could just about see grass and a few flowers while I was tip toeing. 

"Guryon... you are Azeroth's light... now go...go!" She said. I headed out to the exit and ran out. I ran bear foot on to the grass. The grass was marginally cold and wet, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the feeling. I ran and ran until, I reached the edge of the mountain. I could see the horizon once again...

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