Guryon in Azeroth: The Pearls

After an everlasting deep sleep of 200 years, Guyron is awake in Azeroth. He hears a young women's voice that sound familiar. Familiarity haunts his mind as he knows he's heard her, but from where?
This adventure book is a whole legend in one story. Guryon is set a task to bring peace back to Azeroth. By bringing peace he must slay the Djinn King and travel space and beyond Azeroth. Very few have attempted this and the ones who have, haven't come back to tell the tale. Will he succeed or be the next to end his life for Azeroth?

Please note, a cover is in progress. I would recommend this to ages of 8 and above (mainly 8 to 13 years of age). Also, I am currently on chapter 5. As well as that, I'm pretty much rubbish at blurbs.


5. Remember me?

 I drowsly opened my eyes. Just about, opened my eyes. I didn't know where I was. I just remembered, I was hearing voices and then I turned around and- and... uh... that's it? That’s all I remembered, at that time.

 I rubbed my eyes. I blinked repeatedly. Not too many times though. I was breathing really hard, panting.

 "Guryon, wake up." A deep man whispered. I breathed in hard from my nose. Letting air in.

 "Look, he's woken up." He said.

"Has he really, woken up?" A younger man asked.

 "Call the boss you morphian's" An angry man shouted.

 "Yes Comosi Heeno." 3 young men said. I didn't know what was going on.

 I fully opened my eyes and saw a face? I thought it was someone in a red mask with one white oval in the centre. I momentarily got afraid.

 "Who- who are you?" I screamed.

 "Hey Guryon, it's m- wait." A man whispered. I was lying down on a hard material. A very hard floor. It was cold but flat. I couldn't see the mask anymore. I moved to a side.

 I sat up and blinked 4 times. "Where are you, who are you?" I asked. I turned my head right right and saw a black and red figure grabbing his face or mask. He teared his mask off. He turned around and looked at me. He wasn't wearing his mask anymore. He had a dark skin colour and had 1 eye.

 "Remember me?" He said. When he said it, his voice ecoed in my head.

 "H- who are you?" I jumped up at my feet and used both of my hands  to block my face. I tightend my fists just in case.

 "Don't worry, wait... you don't seem to remember me. Do you?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

 "I- I don't know? Do I?" I replied. He looked down at the floor in disappointment. He was looking upset. "Oh ple- please don't cry." I asked.

 "I'm not crying. I'm angry." He said.

 "Angry?" I said.

 "Ye- not at you." He said.

 "Angry at-

 "At him!" He interrupted.

 "At who?" I asked.

 "Whom who was de-" He stopped.

 "What?" I asked.

 "Whom who devastated and destroyed." He said. He was tightening his fists. "I hate h- ... I hate, them. But trust you me, one more than the other. One more than the morphian." He said.

 "Morphian?" I asked.

 "Oh sorry, even at your age, I'd expect you to know what that is. But, you have been stolen from." He said.

 "Yeah... what's a morphian?" I asked again.

 "Oh yes, it means moron, glavastone, you know. An idiot." He answered.

 "Ok... so wha-

 "Comosi Heeno, he's here!" One of the young men said. He crawled back to his mask and put it on. He got up on his feet. All of them lined up in front of 'the boss'.

 "All must bow to Camasi Yan!" Comosi  Heeno said. All four of them bowed. "Camasi Yan, permission to ask 2 questions." He asked.

 "You have only 1 question left, what is it?" Cam as I Yanked asked.

 "Why do we need the boy, little Guryon is, well... little?" He asked.

 "Hey!" I said.

 "Comosi Heeno will not tolerate your attitude. Nether will Camasi Yan." One of the young men said.

 "It's OK Guryon. We are here to help, not hurt." He said.

 "Yeah-" I said, scratching the back of my neck, "I don’t really know what is happening. And since you're supposed to 'help' me, you could at least tell me what has happened to me." I asked.

 "Camasi Yan, has chosen you for a very special job. Since your awakening, some local cities have found out you are up on your feet again." Comosi Heeno informed.

 "I only talked to one old man. How did everyone find out?" I asked.

 "Well, I guess while you were walking, villagers or citizens saw you. Ever since the an ounce the from her majesty, everyone has been waiting to find you." He answered.

 "Ok? But, why me and why?" I asked.

 "That's what I wanna know." He replied.

 "Camasi Yan, permission to ask 2 questions?" He asked.

 "No, I know what you are going to say. So don't say it." Camasi Yan replied.

 "But, why n-

 "I said no! What part of 'no' don't you understand, Comosi Heeno?" He asked.

 "Sorry for interpenetration,  Camasi Yan." He replied.

 "Good, next time think before you let out your voice and communicate with me. Alright? I'm not sure if you want me to have to, bring it out." Camasi Yan said.

 "Um... what am I doing here?" I asked. Camasi Yan nodded his head to Comosi Heeno.

 "Come with me." Comosi Heeno said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. I tried to use my other hand to get his grip off of me.

 "Let go off me!" I demanded. He carried on walking and taking me along. He had too much off a hard grip for me to get off. "Let go!" I shouted.

 "Be quite!" He shouted, "You're coming with me." 

 He carried on dragging me with him. Eventually I stopped trying to make him let go off me. I was going with him wether I liked it, or not!

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