Why do fools fall in love?

A love story with a thrilling twist.


1. 'I'm sorry but your credit card has been declined'

~~Chapter one
“Come on Kim you can do this, breathe… a bit more nearly there”, sucking her stomach in for all she’s worth Kimberly Platt shakes her newly highlighted head. ‘It’s no good, I’ll never fit into it. Standing in a cramped changing room with dim lightning, Kim is hit with all the thoughts of trips to the local star bucks, Tesco’s and KFC’s she’s made in the last six months. Where she would get as much food and coffee as she could carry and go back to writing her new novel in her two bedroom house. She makes a quiet groaning sound, “damn you boneless chicken that comes with gravy”. Maggie her best friend and fast food addict laughs and gives her a sympathetic look, “I’ll go get the next size up”. Before Kim can answer, Maggie has gone. Kim can’t think how she had let it get this bad, well actually she can. When she started something, she had every intention of finishing it as soon as humanly possible. This was her second thriller novel which would be published, and her publisher had invited her to a posh party in the north of London. Kim couldn’t believe the success she had had with her first book. Obviously she was no J.K Rowling or James Patterson but her book was quite popular. When she first received her copy of the book for the first time, she couldn’t believe it. It was her book, written by her! All she remembers about that day is tracing her finger over the words of the title, and seeing her name at the bottom in big gold letters staring back at her. She peels the clingy red dress off, standing there in her miss-matching bra and pants, she looks in the mirror. Kim realises it will be some time before she can fit into a ten again. But then she’s been everything from an eight to sixteen, she’s never been one to stay the same… much to the annoyance of her husband, who prefers her on the slim side.
Maggie swipes the curtain open, with a grin on her face that could scare a small child, she drops way more than eight (the amount you’re supposed to have at one time in a changing room) dresses onto the floor. Maggie- the loveliest woman you will ever meet but with a slight shopping obsession. Actually slight isn’t the right word for it. Kim flashes back to the order her best friend had made on Boohoo.com after a bad break up. She got to her house (ben and jerry’s and a bottle of red in hand) to find Maggie had maxed out all her credit cards and had ordered nearly one of everything on the website. Kim had to sneakily swipe the laptop and hide it in the best hiding place known to man, among Maggie’s clothes. She has so many she never bothers digging deep, unless she has a sudden memory of buying something six years ago in top shop which she just has to wear. That’s the thing with Maggie so many clothes, but If you ask her about any item in her wardrobe, she can give you a detailed description of when she bought it, how much it was and if the shop assistant was cute. “Maggie it looks like you’ve bought half the store in… I only wanted one”, Kim says picking up the dresses chuckling.                                                                                                                                                        “Well I admit some may be for me to try on but I just kept seeing ones and I thought oh my lord wouldn’t Kim look stunning in that”. Kim raises one eyebrow, this is Maggie’s way of sweet talking her into allowing her bezzie to spend hours on end trying on dresses she’ll probably never wear again and high heels that look like lethal weapons. Kim sighs, “Fine but no more than these, I’m starving”. The smile on Maggie’s face returns as she starts throwing dresses over Kim as if she’s a coat hanger and tugging off her jeans.
Kim abandoned the original dress she was going for, as she found even the fourteen wasn’t flattering and opted for a slimming, simple but classy black dress. Maggie had picked up three new items to add to her ever growing collection, including a bright pink number that could do serious damage to the eyes if you looked at it toolong.                                                                                                                                                                        “It’s so amazing about your book Kim, I wish I had a talent like you”, Maggie sighed as she typed her pin number effortlessly into the machine. “You’re amazing at what you do Maggie”, to this Maggie gives Kim her famous are you kidding look. A look she had mastered since year eight when Dan Linton used to kick the back of her chair, and write maggot all over her books. “I’m not good I’m average and anyway I mean a talent, most people can pick up office work”. Before Kim can reply the shop assistant cuts in, “I’m sorry Ma’am but you’re credit card has been declined”. Maggie face turns a bright shade of crimson and begins to mumble about how it can’t and it’s never failed her before. The shop assistant tries it again and again, Maggie quickly grabs it off of him before he chops it up in front of her. “Let me get it Maggie”, Kim hands over her card and it is immediately accepted. A flash of gratitude plasters Maggie’s face, this is followed by her turning the colour of a cherry tomato. Leaving the shop Maggie says, “I’ll pay you back for that you know I will”. Kim laughs and nods her head, ‘I’ll see that money sometime next year then’, she thinks to herself. “How you pay me back by being my plus one for tonight, Tom really doesn’t want to go”. Maggie was never one to hide her emotions, she squeals in delight… “Are you sure Kim? I mean it’s a pretty big deal wouldn’t you want Tom there?”
Kim thought about this for a moment, Tom had been completely off with her lately and she was not in the mood to hear his sarcastic comments about fancy dinners and having to dress up. She would much prefer to have some positive company for the event tonight, “Trust me my dear, I would much rather have you there… let’s go back to mine I have cold pizza there and we can get ready”. Making their way to the car park, Maggie makes Kim go through all the eligible bachelors that will be there tonight. Many of the names mean nothing to Maggie, seeing her friend’s unimpressed expression she laughs “Maggie, these men are all incredibly good looking”.
Driving through country lanes, Kim picks up speed her mind wonders off to all the glitz and glimmer the night has ahead of her. She plans her makeup and accessories while Maggie sits beside her, looking up all men that are attending the party. Every so often Kim will hear a “cor he’s hot” or “Dam it he has a girlfriend”. After half an hour they reach Kim’s house, she remembers the cold meat feast pizza on the kitchen table and cannot wait to start eating it. She had tried to fast all day but her stomach growled loudly, it needed some nourishment plus she didn’t want it making these noises tonight. “Maggie can you open the door, I’ll get the bags”. Maggie takes the keys from Kim, she speedily opens the door and kicks of her shoes. She falls down onto the cream leather sofa, Kim appears at the door and drops the bags down. Before she even has the chance to claim her reward for not eating all day she hears a loud bang. “Maggie was that you?” Maggie gets up and stands in the door way, “was what me?” Realising that Tom must have come home early, Kim runs up the stairs eager to tell Tom he doesn’t have to come tonight. Kim opens her bedroom door, a sickness fills her stomach and she freezes in horror. “WHAT THE HELL, YOU ABSOLUTE BASTARD”. Swearing and fumbling around trying to get off of the woman that was in Kim’s bed, Tom fell on to the floor. On hearing all the commotion Maggie came running up the stairs two at a time, “Kim what is it what’s going on?” Maggie reaches the bedroom and gasps, everyone just stares dumb fold at each other for a while not wondering what to do next. Kim loses it. “GET OUT BOTH OF YOU GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW, OR I’LL HAVE YOU PHYSICALLY REMOVED”. Tom and the woman look at each other, they then hurry to put on their clothes. They make their way down the stairs and out of the house, Kim follows and slams the door. “How could he Maggie, how could he?”  Maggie embraces Kim into a hug, “oh sweetie, you just let it all out… what an absolute bastard and with the next door neighbour as well… who does he think he is?”             

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