Fruit of My Desire

Just something I thought up a few years ago, forgive the fact that it's appaulling


1. Fruit of my Desire

Alas another day in the sun

I open my eyes and see a fruit at my foot

I can hold it in my hands but it's for everyone

One, two, three and fruits lay around me

One is green, so unkeen

Two are read, all is said

Three are blue, I haven't a clue

And yet I find myself making this walk to the sea

All alone with my shadow which haunts me

Fruit lay here and fruit they there 

But I've tasted them all

And here's how it is

This one is too bland, that one's too sour

These are too bitter and those are too savory

Now I sit and I sat under the same old tree

And out of the corner of my eye what do I see

Over on the beach washed up on the sand

A fruit that is all new and grand

Spikes over here and spots over there

Just enough to serve a family of me

I take a bite and I can freely say

Tis the best fruit I've had this day

Soon it is gone and I cannot wait

For to taste once again the fruit of my desire

Days have passed but four

Must I wait on this sand forevermore?

I must leave this island full of fruit

Which may serve he and thee but I tell you now

It cannot serve me

I hit the sea in my wooden old boat

looking back on that which I denote

I know those trees, I know those fruits

I follow this trail to find new roots

I may sail for days

I may sail for weeks

But I'll sail forever to have these treats

I see a mountain tall as the sky and atop it, oh my

I see a tree unlike before

It's green looks greener and it's brown looks browner

And whats that in it's branch but the fruit of my desire

It drops and it rolls down the mountain

Into the sea and back to my island

I hit the sand and climb the mount 

I'll sit under you tree and taste thy fruit

Sweet as can be and all I can eat

Alone I will stay, just me and my tree

With a diet that suits me, sat in my seat

You see in the morning I feast and in the evening I eat

The most amazing thing ever at my feet

There and there they so lay

And now I must come to say

I feast next to the fire

On the one and only

Fruit of My Desire

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