Lost Memories

Being in a mental hospital could never be easy.

That's what nineteen-year-old Amelia realises when she meets Bradley Hunter. A guy who manages to make her feel like she's worth something, in the midst of battling her own demons and walking the road to recovery. They develop an intense, strong emotional connection that is unlike anything the both of them have ever experienced.

But Amelia feels as if Bradley is oddly familiar, the sense of safety and comfort she feels with him is something she has never witnessed.
Bradley struggles with the memories that come back to haunt him, but will they be the reason for Bradley to lose Amelia forever, or to heal her wounds?


2. Chapter Two.

Long time no see! I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been busy with school. I hope you enjoy this chapter nonetheless - let me know what you think! :)




I hadn't even realised I was crying until Dr. Johns brought me back to reality. I opened my eyes and saw her sitting opposite to me, a worried look lining her face. I tucked the strands of hair that had fallen to my face under my ear and sat up, my body a shaking mess. 

''What did you just experience, Amelia?''

Dr. Johns set her glasses next to her and looked at me closely, as if expecting me to blow her away with my words. 

''The usual, an episode...''I trailed off, my mind wandering to the horrific images that flashed around my head. They were different today, showing me images of two men running towards my childhood house. 

''Is it always the same, the picture you see?''she asked, scribbling something down on her paper.

''Not today,''I said blankly, knowing I should've automatically told her what was different about today, but out of my stubborn state decided against it.

Dr. Johns waited, but didn't want to push my buttons so went on to a topic of how I could make myself better without medication. 




When I finally left Dr. Johns' office, I heard Bradley's voice in the room next to where I had therapy, and although I knew I shouldn't have, I walked beside it and checked that no one could see before standing next to the door. 

''You can talk to me, Bradley,''a male voice spoke, I recognized it to be Dr. Montgomery speaking. 

''I'm aware, but I don't really want to,''Bradley said, his voice making goosebumps travel down my skin. God, I didn't even know this guy and he was effecting my body. 

''I know this must be a touchy subject for you, but we're all here to help you get better,''Dr. Montgomery didn't leave it, and a part of me was afraid Bradley might flip out like he did last time in the cafeteria. 

''No one can help me.''

I felt rude listening to anymore, so I'd planned to start going back to my room, until I heard a voice behind me that made me stop in my tracks.

''What you doing here?''April's voice echoed on the walls and I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing she now thought of me as an eavesdropper. 

''I just finished my session,''I turned around and knew as soon as April looked at me, that she saw right through me.

''Hmm..okay,''she said, eyeing me from tip to toe and turning on her heel moments after. I let out a breath but had to compose myself soon after when Bradley walked into me and made me stumble backwards. Talk about being embarrassed.

''I'm so sorry,''I said in a rush, and when his eyes found mine, I found my body in shivers, as if a cold wind was blowing on my skin.

''No, it's my fault.''

His hand brushed mine when he'd stumbled into me, and I could still feel my hand tingling.

I smiled, although he most probably knew I'd been eavesdropping. God, I was an asshole. 

''I better get going,''I said as un-awkwardly as possible, but knowing I failed majorly. 

''I guess so,''he said with a small smirk appearing on his lips, and his presence became so heavy in the small coridor that I quickly began walking back to my safety hut, away from anyone who could cause me any pain ever again. 




Write what you feel down, my therapist had said. I had tried, I'd even got a pencil and a sheet of paper, but all that had come out of it was me ripping the paper to shreds in my hands. It wouldn't help, it'd only make me see how much of a screw up I was, not make me feel better by any means. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

I walked to the cafeteria and was served a plate of food before I saw Amelia sitting in her usual spot, staring at her plate like it was some sort of art piece. She always sat alone, and I wondered how someone like her didn't have any friends here. Well, considering the place we now lived in, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people here preferred to be alone. 

But still, I decided to go sit opposite to her and made her head fly up and a confused look form on her face. 

''What are you doing?''she asked, her forehead creased. 

''I'm eating.''I replied, taking a bite of the potato mash provided. 

I could see Amelia roll her eyes before pushing her plate away from her so it knocked my tray. I hadn't seen her eat a lot during the time I'd spent here, and suddenly found myself worried about her health. 

''Eat,''I instructed, hoping my tone of voice wasn't too strict.

''What happened to your hands?''she ignored my question as her eyes inspected the paper cuts lining my skin. 

''That's what happens when you rip paper,''I shrugged, shoving my face with food and hoping she'd at least take one more bite. 

Amelia understood I didn't want to talk about it, so she just nodded her head. I found it mesmerising how she could still look so beautiful, even though dressed in grey sweatpants and a black shirt. Her eyes were dull, the hazel green colour looking dim and not light and sparkling like they should be. Dark circles lined her under-eyes and I guessed she couldn't sleep at night, just like me. 

''Why aren't you eating?''I asked, finally finished with my food. 

''Not really hungry,''her lips formed a tight line and I knew the issue was deeper than just that. But I didn't poke my nose into where it didn't belong. I made a mental note to find out exactly why she was here and what she was suffering with.

When I looked at her, I saw so many memories and the hurt in my chest exploded every time I realised she didn't remember me. However, I still wanted to get to know her all over again if that was what would take for her to realise who I was. 

She offered me a small grin before exiting the room, leaving me wondering how I could possibly find a way to fit into her life again.




I was on my way down to the 'communication room', as they called it, which was a place for everyone to bond and share their experiences, and become friends. Yeah, not happening. I was only going there cause Dr. Montgomery had insisted I give it a go, and although I knew it wouldn't have an outcome, I was doing it for him anyway.

I heard sobs come from Dr. Johns' room, and I stopped about a meter from the door. 

''Amelia, it's okay...''the rest of Dr. Johns' words were lost in the walls, but my heart fell to my stomach in the mention of her name. A need to comfort her combusted inside of me and I was so close to knocking on the door, but I resisted myself by clenching my fists to keep the overtaking need at bay. 

A few minutes later, the door flew open and Amelia rushed out, only to be stopped when she glanced at me. 

''What are you doing?''she asked, wiping her tears away with her sleeve. Her eyes looked puffy and red, and once again, the emptiness and dullness seen in her eyes made my heart wince. 

To know that she had been crying for whatever reason, fucked with my head so much that I knew I needed to punch the shit out of something.

''I heard you crying,''I said, desperately wanting to make those tears disappear from her eyes and replace them with happiness, and joy.

''I don't need your pity, Bradley,''she bit out, moving past me. 

I didn't let her comment shake me and I followed her, itching so bad to embrace her fragile body, the one I'd held so many years ago when she'd been crying or when she was upset. 

''That's not what I was doing.''I stated calmly, and she turned around on her heel, crossing her arms over her chest.

''I don't need you barging into my problems or my life. So, for the millionth time, leave me alone.''

She opened the door to her room and closed it, only to leave me in frustration and for me to punch a hole through the wall in my room later. 



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