Lost Memories

Being in a mental hospital could never be easy.

That's what nineteen-year-old Amelia realises when she meets Bradley Hunter. A guy who manages to make her feel like she's worth something, in the midst of battling her own demons and walking the road to recovery. They develop an intense, strong emotional connection that is unlike anything the both of them have ever experienced.

But Amelia feels as if Bradley is oddly familiar, the sense of safety and comfort she feels with him is something she has never witnessed.
Bradley struggles with the memories that come back to haunt him, but will they be the reason for Bradley to lose Amelia forever, or to heal her wounds?


1. Chapter One.



What was I doing here? My head was spinning too fast and images flashed before my eyes, faster than I could comprehend. My knees hurt as the concrete ripped through my bare skin, but the cold metal in my hands was far more painful. I hadn't hurt her. I wasn't a threat. Why did I here sirens in the distance? Oh god, they were gonna take me away. They're gonna think I killed her...


I jolted awake, a cold sweat forming on my skin. Another nightmare. Except, it wasn't really a nightmare since it was the memory that kept haunting me and I doubt would ever leave. 

''Amelia? Are you okay?''a nurse rushed in, concern lingering in her voice. 

''Yeah, I'm fine.''

Lie. I'd had this same situation happen to me so many times that if I actually told them the truth, they'd be bored out. 

She walked to my bed and sat down on the edge of it, looking into my eyes through her big, flattery lashes.

''It's breakfast time soon and then you have a therapy session,''she said quietly, although I don't know why. I was tired of people treating me like a broken glass. 

I nodded in response and she let out a small sigh before leaving. I exhaled and lay back on my bed. I wasn't crazy. I knew that, but apparently everyone else thought otherwise - hence why I'd been put into a mental institution. Who knows, maybe I really was messed up in the head and I just couldn't realise it. 

I shoved on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, my usual day attire, and walked out of my room. I still felt shivers creep up my spine when I walked the corridor of this place, although I'd spent almost 7 months in here already. God, had it really only been that long? Time seemed to stop whenever you were in here. 

The girl who slept in the room next to me, exited her room and began making her way too the cafeteria, as did I, but I didn't make contact. People here liked to keep to themselves, rarely talking to one another. I also knew she was schizophrenic and had certain situations when she had an episode, and I'd never wanted to trigger one. So, I'd stayed away, as had everyone else. 

Maybe people thought I had episodes too. I didn't, not when I was being sociable anyway - which barely ever happened anymore.

I grabbed a tray from the huge rack, and placed some eggs and bacon on my plate. I sat down by the right, for some reason I always sat at the same place and so did everyone else. The sound of knives and forks clattering against the plates soon took over the room, and I focused on my eggs that needed a lot more salt and seasoning. 

The cafeteria door opened with a loud bang, the noise piercing through my ears. My eyes shot to the entrance, where I saw two security guards holding on to a tall, from what it seemed like far away - muscular guy, who was fighting back with every inch he had in him. 

''Let go of me!''he shouted, his voice echoing on the walls. They walked towards my table, and my heart began pounding against my chest. The noise so violent that I could hear it in my ears. I didn't want him to sit here, it was my place, after all. I was going to stand up and sit somewhere else, but I noticed every other table was taken. Ah. Lovely. When the security guards made him sit opposite me and finally let go of him, his cold ice blue eyes ripped through my own. The stare so hard that I could feel a shudder run through my body. His very dark brown hair was all messed up, but somehow it suited him. Tattoos ran down one of his arms, his muscles standing out just from looking at him. His ocean blue eyes were a contrast to his skin, and the stubble on his jaw. 

He wasn't an ugly sight - but he did look angry, very angry. He shoved his tray to the side, evidently having no interest in eating whatsoever. The security men walked to the side, wanting to give him privacy I guess? For what, I wasn't sure of. I stared at my plate, the hunger in my stomach suddenly subsiding by a large amount with his eyes on me. I could feel them burning into me, and I stared back, right into his piercingly blue eyes. But I saw something different in them now - not the cold stare he'd first presented me with. It was almost as if he was figuring out where he knew me from, that he recognised me from somewhere - his eyes searching my own, like I was a long lost toy he didn't even know he had anymore.

But this face wasn't familiar to me. I was tempted to ask why he was looking at me like that, but God knows that his temper could've done. I kept my mouth shut, feeling as if his stare was pinning me down and holding me back.

''I'm going to my room,''he mumbled, standing up and walking towards the entrance, the security guards following him. I wondered how long they'd need to follow him around like that. It looked a bit silly, since the men were half the size of him. 




''I've been told you've had the nightmares more often lately,''Dr.Johns spoke, adjusting the glasses on top of her nose. 

I shifted in my seat, not really knowing what to say.


She was silent for a moment. ''What do you see, Amelia?''

I was so tempted to sigh in frustration, not wanting to go through the whole scene again.

''I see her on the ground, and the knife in my hand. Over and over again,''I replied briefly, staring at her in the eye.

She cleared her throat, maybe cause I'd made her uncomfortable. It happened to people often when they were around me. 

''I'd like for you not to take any meds for a while,''she said whilst shuffling her papers, and my mind instantly went into panic mode.

''I need the pills, you know that,''I said shortly, hoping she wasn't being serious.

''I'm pretty sure you can manage without them, or at least try to,''she wrote something down on her file, like she wasn't talking about throwing me into a pit of hell.

''No, I can't! I need the pills!''I stood up, getting agitated. 

Dr. Johns set her glasses down and looked at me.

''Calm down, Amelia. I want to see how you progress without medical help, and maybe the pills bring on the nightmares as well,''she explained, but I wasn't accepting it.

''I'd rather have them than have episodes, you know that!''

She joined me on her feet and set her hand on my shoulder.

''Trust me on this.''

I shook my head in disbelief and exited the small room, dreading what the few weeks I'd have to be without pills would hold. 




As everyone gathered for yet another group therapy session, as they liked to call it, I sat in my usual place, staring down at my feet. This was no therapy, it was basically everyone sharing their fucked up stories of what got them here and apparently it was supposed to help us feel like we're not alone.

Hell, if I was alone with my messed up mind I wouldn't be here, would I?

''Alright, so shall we begi-''Dr. Montgomery spoke, but was cut off by the opening of the door, and to everyone's surprise, he walked inside. 

He looked pissed off as ever, but I couldn't help and notice his beautiful body and the way his shirt hugged his body in just the right way, bringing every muscle to view..

I shook awake from my daydream as Dr. Montgomery began speaking again, but my mind soon drifted off from the text because he'd sat direcltly opposite to me and was staring at me with such intense eyes that I almost felt uncomfortable. Almost. 

There were many girls here. True, they weren't the typical girls you'd meet at a bar, but they were here and were far more pretty than me. And every single one of them, I could assure, was checking him out right now. Funny, how we all had fucked up lives but still did the mediocre thing as checking a hot guy out.

Which was also ironic, since he probably had a fucked up life too. 

''Bradley, would you like to share your story?'' Dr. Montgomery chirped. 

A smirk appeared on his face and it got to me that Dr. Montgomery had asked him. Bradley. 

''What is there to say, anyway? We're all here cause we're fucked in the head, so in that way, we're all the same.''

Bradley stared at me the whole time he spoke, as if he'd read my mind a few seconds ago. His harsh words earned a few gasp's from the other patients, but I however, completely understood his statement. 

''I wouldn't use those terms if I were you, Bradley. We all have different lives and different stories, and we would like to hear yours.''

All the while, his eyes were locked on mine like that's the only place he wanted to look at. I knew I looked like shit - with my baggy hoodie and sweatpants, you could have easily mistaken me for a homeless person.

''I tried to kill myself and I have anger issues. Better?''Bradley's eyes flicked off me to Dr. Montgomery, who didn't look shaken up at all - probably cause he heard stuff like this all the time.

I thought I'd somehow gotten used to it too, but not when it came to him. I was shocked someone like him - who looked like your typical bad boy, was actually suffering so much. Looks can be deceiving. 

His eyes shot back to mine, with such intensity - again. I made a mental note to ask him why his eyes were so obsessed with mine after this ended.

Dr. Montgomery seemingly gave up on Bradley and didn't ask him anymore questions, focusing on other people instead. Which meant Bradley could spend the rest of the time staring at me and no one else. 

''Amelia, would you like to explain why you're here?''

My head snapped towards Dr. Montgomery, who was looking at me with hope in his eyes, and even though I really didn't want to, I took a big breath and began talking.

''I see nightmares sometimes and have episodes,''I shrugged, brushing it off like it was no big deal when actually it was fucking ruining my life.

Bradley's forehead creased and his brows pulled together, as if he was upset at something. 

''Nightmares of what?''

Dr. Montgomery wouldn't stop pushing it, so I was quiet for a moment, hoping he'd move on. He didn't. 

''Bad memories from when I was little.''

Bradley's face turned as white as a ghost and for a moment, I was afraid he'd throw up right there and then. What was up with him?

''Alright, I think that's it for today, see you again on Tuesday,''Dr. Montgomery shuffled his files together on his lap, and I stood up. 

So did Bradley, who began for the exit, but I soon caught up with him. 

''Why do you keep staring at me?''I asked bluntly, crossing my arms and standing behind him. People walked past him, but he stopped in his tracks when he heard my question. He spinned around, and crossed his arms too - to mimic me, maybe. 

''Does it make you uncomfortable?''he cocked his head to the side, and I rolled my eyes.

''Would you stop if it did?''

I shifted from one foot to the other, my body suddenly feeling heavy with him this close to me.

''Maybe. Maybe not.''he stepped closer to me, so close that if I looked up high enough - since he was the freaking meaning of tall, I could see every eyelash.

I stepped back, feeling my chest grow more heavy with each breath. 

''Look at someone else, would you?''I said, moving past him and getting a whiff of his scent up my nostrils - which was, by the way, heavenly. 

''I'm afraid I can't do that.''

I turned around again, feeling annoyance creep up my spine.

''Sure you can. Stop annoying me,''I said strictly, as I watched a smirk linger on his lips. I began walking towards my room, even then, feeling his eyes on me. 


New story! Eeeek! I'm super excited to write this story, and I have big plans for it. I'd like to know what you think so far! I hope you enjoy and join me on the journey of this new story of mine :) 


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