Diary.. Of a... Person..

This is a story about a girl, she is unhappy. She hates everything, and everyone thinks she's the ugly girl in the hole world..

Heres the diary... Of a... Person.. Hope you enjoy :D



3. Kap 3

Hey, the principle talked to the bullies..

They came up to me and looked very angry at me and pushed me..

They walked away and i walked up to the principle.

She told me that i did the things to them..

My life was over, they lied every one believes a liar right?

But she said something that put a smile on my face.

''Your mom wants to see you, now,,

I jumped up and looked for her everywhere, she was in the bathroom..

Fixing her mascara, i hugged her.. I wouldn't stop..

Finally i got my best day of my life, but also the worst..

''I have cancer, and i cant keep you.. I will be dying soon..

Your sister just turned 19 and wanted you to live with her, what do you say?,,

I cried, knowing that my mom will be dead soon, and i have a secret sis!

I said yes, i wanted away from my dad.. Fast.

Something popped up on my phone, it was my dad..

*Your dead! Why would you leave me, i am not abusive at all!*

I guess he must have being reading my diary, this one!

I blocked him, stopped the contact with him.


- Just a happy girl today..

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