Diary.. Of a... Person..

This is a story about a girl, she is unhappy. She hates everything, and everyone thinks she's the ugly girl in the hole world..

Heres the diary... Of a... Person.. Hope you enjoy :D



2. Kap 2

Dear diary.

Its been a long time, since i wrote down in you..

I saw you today mom.

I said hi, but dad took me away from you.

I saw you cried, i loved seeing you cry. That means you miss me..

Why didn't you take me with you when you left us?


Tried to kill myself, but couldn't.. I can't picture you crying over my dead..

It will be pain full if i did, i was at school.

The bullies where 2, they lied and said sorry.

I shouldn't have trusted them.. They said they told each other, everything.

I told them everything, my secrets, my dad.. Everything.

They pushed me in the janitor room, and said the most heat breaking thing..

''Thanks for letting me ruin your life more, i will see you later nerd..

HAHAHA did you really think that we will be your friend,,

They locked me in there, only at the end of the day the janitor found me..

Crying, with my head to the knees.. I told him, i was scared..

He walked away came back some couple of minutes later..

''I told the principle, everything they will talk to them tomorrow,,

I was scared if the girls would beat me up for telling..


- Just a useless person..

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