Diary.. Of a... Person..

This is a story about a girl, she is unhappy. She hates everything, and everyone thinks she's the ugly girl in the hole world..

Heres the diary... Of a... Person.. Hope you enjoy :D



1. Kap 1

Dear diary.

My life is so bad, i hate it.. Today they called me useless, i guess they are right..

I told them to go away, they did.. They came back..

They want me to keep walking.. I do, they push me so i hit my head..

I told my dad, he doesn't care.. No one does, mom why did you have to leave me?

Without you, just look at me! I'm ugly, fat, useless.

Dad is abusing me, and I'm scared to tell. Will i ever be brave?

Will my life ever be good without you?

I think about a lot, and you the first thing i think about..

Dad just hit me in the face.. Please come..

I know you cant see this, but i miss you and you probably can't remember me..

Its been 7 years since you left us. You only left me.. With abusing father..


- Just a useless person..


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