Diary of a 2017 apocalypse

One direction and fifth harmony plus another girl fight for their lives. Will they die or will they survive?find out in this diary. In this story they are not 1d or 5h yet?


7. 6

We reached our destination and everyone was soo happy to see each other.

'Guys,' i said,'i have a plan. The only way to beat these zombies is with guns and obviously the zombie king is 10 times stronger so if i mix some chemicals, we can beat that guy.'

They looked interested so i continued. Of course, the little ones couldnt come and they were just fine with it but then safaa wanted to come.

'You promised to look after me, so either you stay or i go,'she said.

We decided she can go but me or zayn must be with her at all time and liam and normani must stay here to look after the kids. The plan was drawn up and it was really awesome.

All this time Dinah and Lauren gave me the evil eye. Later on, when i asked camila, she said 'dont worry! They just dont like the fact that you are now part of our group but they will get over it'

I decided to soften them up. I started with lauren, it went wel and now we are friends but then dinah..

'Leave me alone! No way am i going soft on you. I dont like you and i never will. You are horrible and i hate you. I wish you were dead!' She said and then realised what she said but it was too late. I ran, how can she be so mean?

I knew cami and her crew were going to strike the zombies tomorrow morning. I decided i would help but after that i am out so i called and told her.

I then made the chemicals we planned and put them in some guns. I went to sleep.

I dreamt of my little brother and father who died when i was 10 years old. They were on their way to church. Mom and i were at home because of a terrible flu. An hour later, we got a phone call saying that they were dead. I cried for days and then got over it. The end.

I then woke up and started walking to the park. The minute i arrived, dinah kept on apologising. I said it was okay.

When we got to the main Zombie place, zayn and harry took down the zombie guards while we ran inside. Niall and louis took down any zombies we passed but then a whole clan came so they stayed behind. When we got to a big door, we went in and there was the ZK.

Dinah and ally took down the big zombies while me, camila, lauren and safaa tried attacking the king. He had powers and we all got hurt. This was unexpected but i got up. I am not going to let all of them down.

I was about to punch the zombie king but then i saw cami started eating cheeseballs

'Why are you eating cheeseballs?'i said

'Im hungry'she answered

I rolled my eyes at her. A big zombie came up behind her but she aimed a cheeseball into his mouth and he dissolved. Sweet

She quickly ran up to the zombie king and put a cheeseball in his mouth. He dissolved

The boys rushed in'everyones back'

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