Diary of a 2017 apocalypse

One direction and fifth harmony plus another girl fight for their lives. Will they die or will they survive?find out in this diary. In this story they are not 1d or 5h yet?


5. 4

Around 8:00 i got up and got ready to go out. On my way out, i bumped into Camila and ally. This is how the conversation went-

Camila, ally: hi charlotte

Me: hi guys

Camila: how you coping? BTW please call me cami or mila!

Me: ok cami. Im doing good. You?

Ally: we are doing great. If there is one good thing that comes out of this whole thing, its that we dont have to go to school anymore. We are in gr:6 and the little ones are in gr:1.

Me: oh i am also in gr:6. Anyways, see you around. Bye

Ally: NO you are not leaving us. You are coming with us and you are helping. The more the better.

Me: okay.

Cami: yes!! Lets go!!

She took me and allys hand and started running. We ended up at the park. All of them were there.

'Hi,'i said

(I am too lazy to write so i am gonna to put in dialogue every time there is a long conversation from now on.)

Niall: you're back

Zayn: we were just about to play 21 questions

Daisy: i am starting. Whats your surname?

Me: harris

Liam: say your full name

Me: okaaayyy. Charlotte chocolate harris

Louis:( laughing) chocolate. Why chocolate?

Me: my mom loves chocolate. Go on

Louis: louis william tomlinson

Harry: harry edward styles

Liam: blah blah blah

Niall: blahblah blah

Zayn: blahblahah

I started losing interest.

Mila: karla camila cabello

Ally: blah blah blah

But then..

Daisy: daisy bubblegum tomlinson

Me: bubblegum? And you laugh at my middle name?

Louis: its actually daisy clarice tomlinson. You see...

Kayla: continuing. Kayla mechidez cabello

It went on until everyone was done?

Me: my turn. What is your fave scary movie?mines Lights out

Louis: perge

Harry: dont have one

Me: aww. Is wittle hawwy too scarwed?

Harry: no, i just dont like horror and anyways... What is that sound?

We heard moaning. Zombies...

'We have to get out of here,' ally said.

We got our things, they all exchanged numbers with me and we ran. Safaa went with me. We found a place to rest and she was really shy but soon opened up and we talked till we were both very tired and went to bed.

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