Diary of a 2017 apocalypse

One direction and fifth harmony plus another girl fight for their lives. Will they die or will they survive?find out in this diary. In this story they are not 1d or 5h yet?


4. 3

Soon the children's siblings came and Greg introduced me to them,'this is Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Camila, Dinah, Ally, Normani and Lauren.'

'Hi my name is Charlotte' i said

'Hi'they all said

'Well we brought some food lets eat and you too charlotte'said Niall

'No thanks i need to get going. See if some of my friends are alive or safe. Enjoy the rest of your day and i hope you wont die very soon.' I said

I started to walk. I wonder where i am going to go first. I doubt Lyndsey and Phoebe have survived. Zoe and Chloe wouldnt survive. Maybe Perrys alive.

I went to Perrys house but then she came out and i saw she was a zombie. I ran and ran and ran.

Everyone i know is gone. My friends and family. Gone! Whenever i passed a zombie, i punched it as hard as the one before

Soon i reached the mall and went into an empty shop. I locked the door and went to sleep

Early the next morning i heard zombies banging on my door. I went back to sleep

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