The Loneliest Traid

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  • Published: 2 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 13 May 2017
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Love and death and war and Gods and blood and magic and dancing and rest and revenge and kings and fate.
Don't worry, within these three stories you'll know yourself,
And I will put you back together again.


91. I'll Stay, Even if You Don't

“And Favi can’t hurt us,because we did nothing wrong, and - and-”

    Ichais throat was already scratched so far, and so dry, that her words no longer came out.  And if they did - like now - they were whimpers, hisses.

    “The moon is so close to us,” Estha mused, her head light and air and full of dreams that pulled her under, “Isn’t it?  The Gods are so close.”

    Ichais blinked hard, to keep her eyes dry, “Do you miss them?”

    “I think I did love them, that night with you.”

    “Do you want to go back?”


    “Okay, darling, we’ll go back there soon.” she gasped in, her chest fluttering, and she just prayed that Estha didn’t notice.

    Estha was dying.  So was Ichais, but slower.  She hadn’t drank fresh water in days, and eaten in longer.  Her voice was airy, distant, nonsensical, but they’d made it to the sea together so it had been worth it.

    They lay on the beach by Pahned, under the trees, and listened to the waves that were bigger that night than anyone had ever seen them before, the moon carrying them, putting on a show.  A finale, I suppose.

    Ichais pulled her coat around Estha, although she was sure that she hadn’t even noticed that she’d been shaking against her side.  She wrapped her arms around her waist, to keep her sitting so that she could watch the world spin for her one last time, the stars coming out to say goodbye to the brightest mortal in the world.

    “Are you scared?” Ichais asked her.

    “I was never afraid of dying,” Estha strained to say.

    “Not even now?”

    Estha looked up at her, her eyes so bloodshot, ready to rest.  Her body was dying in her hand, twitching and falling over herself like a doll.  But she smiled still.  Of course she did, she always looked so happy.  Even now, breathing her last breath.

    “I have you, I don’t need anything else.”

    Ichais kissed her lips, one last time, and even then she was cold.

    “Do you want to go?”

    “I think it’s time, don’t you?”

    Ichais took a deep breath, each inch pressing down suppressing the sobs that rose within her, “I think so, darling.  I’ll hold you while you go, and I’ll see you soon.  Okay?”


    “I’ll be right here,” she rested her chin on her head, keeping her against her heart so that she knew life would still be waiting, “I’ll hold you until you go, and then I’ll stay until the end.  Good girl, just rest.  It’s okay, it’ll be okay.”

    She felt Estha’s breathing stop, her arms fall limp into the sand.

    Ichais didn’t move for a while, and just held Estha until the clouds covered the stars, until the waves died.  It was almost silent, no one left for her ending.

    She cried then, she was free to do so.  She howled into the skies, for all to hear her, and gripped at Estha’s cold body.  She screamed, and thrashed, and felt her throat turn to stone.

    Ichais looked at Estha, fulfilling a promise.  When Estha died, she was to eat her.  She was to keep living, keep going as long as she could.

    She bit into what she knew to be the softest part of her skin, where her neck met her shoulder.  It tore away, snapping and plucking until there was a wound so deep in her, it made her death seem less than peaceful.  The blood was sweet, almost acidic, and before it passed Ichais’ teeth she spat it out.  She couldn’t bring herself to do it, even if it meant breaking a dying girl’s wish.  She couldn’t eat it, and she couldn’t go on without her.

    She cried again, loudly, keening, and kissed along the bite in her skin.  Her cries were piercing, heart wrenching, and calling.

    Favi’s soldiers found them, and slit across her neck.  

The girls fell back, together again.

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