The Loneliest Traid

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  • Published: 2 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 13 May 2017
  • Status: Complete
Love and death and war and Gods and blood and magic and dancing and rest and revenge and kings and fate.
Don't worry, within these three stories you'll know yourself,
And I will put you back together again.


20. A Moment of Silence for an Explanation

The war was not only going ahead as planned, but the jinn spies stealing back the peace-offering spellbooks was a sign of disrespect in Dyrad’s eyes, and he ordered for a storming of the jinn town by the end of the week.  The closest jinn town would be Prestige, a tavern, church and schoolhouse in a barren land between nothing and with little inside.  That would be the first town to be claimed for their own.  It was home to few, but those who did live there knew nothing of his plan until their doors came down and nightfall, and their houses went up in flames.  One man who called the town home would not hear of this news for a very long time, and by the time he heard he wouldn’t care much anymore, it would be one of many places under the control of a new leader, of an old criminal.

Jinmi had been alone for almost a week now, nothing but his horse for company, and their food share low.  The heat had swept in from the far south, making each moment without shade unbearably hot.  No fish swam that lake, no plants could survive in the sun.  He was alone, and the more of the silence he heard, the quicker the loneliness crept into his bones.

Noom arrive at the castle when the first person lit a fire.  He lept from the flames and licked up her face.  The eldest child, a sister which loved both her brother and his pet to no ends.  She read the letter, written in shaky elvish with a carved pen.  It was not like her brother to be afraid.

It told her that their cart had been scorched, the horses and coachman gone.  That the king had sent someone to kill not only him, but the man he travelled with.  An amazing and yet dangerous wizard who thought he was jinn, a soldier in fact.  They were in the home of a nice couple who fed and washed them, but they were overstaying their welcome, and would set off that afternoon in search of a road.  He wished her well, and asked her to show this letter to the father and ask for safe passage.  He also wished the youngest sister luck on her air warping exam, and the oldest boy luck on his date, but to not show that part father as no one was supposed to know.  He added in the postscript that he probably shouldn’t have written that down, huh?

“Oh Rilae,” she said to no one in particular, “You’ve gone and done it this time.”

She then threw the letter into the flames, but Noom yelped and ran to get it back.

The sister was surprised at the magic he’d used to make it fireproof, and to change the text in heat to read in the post-postscript, “I said show the letter to father, scut.  Love you.”

She reminded herself to hit him when he came home again, if ever.


    Finally, there is a reason that the fates let Estha and Ichais so excellently ignore any mention of where to go next, besides to Sinder’s castle.

    And that is a simple fact that it not the fate’s fault at all.

    Neither of them wanted to ask if they should part ways, and neither had the courage to ask the other to stay.

    Love is a monster that carves into your mind to burrow and throws back logic that would have kept you alive.  They had no idea of where to go after the kingdom, letting the waves of time catch them as it came.

    Do not let my sisters and I control your life, do plan if you so can.  Or else, you may end up like the two girls who were destined to fall apart as my sisters simply smiled on.

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