Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


10. Wetwork

"Fuck!" "Shit!" "Shoot the fucker!" The scene was a whirlpool of confusion. The lunging long-tongued licker jumped forward with cat-like intensity, with a huge claw extended, nearly taking Claire's head off but instead settling for a piece of her red Queen vest. The door that set the monster of revealed the figure of Tony, with the monster squarely in front of him. He softly said to himself, "Fuck, not one of these things..." The tension was thick and palpable, but Claire acted quick, drawing her Winchester and blasting the thing right in the brain. The victory was short-lived, as the monster flipped back up like he had merely been mildly inconvenienced. Tony yelled out, "Claire, shoot it again!" The monster prepared to jump again, and Tony ran back in fear. Claire tried to shoot again, but there was one problem. She was out of ammo. "Shit!" The monster jumped and slashed Tony in the back as he cried out in pain. Leon decided he had enough standing around, and dropped the bag of guns and ammo, drawing a knife he kept close to his chest. He ran to where the monster was and jumped on it in a feat of bravery, stabbing it repeatedly in the brain. "Fucker!" He got off the monster exasperated, as a pool of blood formed underneath their assailant. Tony was writhing in pain, as Leon took deep breaths. Claire peeked around the corner, feeling a little ashamed at not being there for Tony. "Claire, Tony got it pretty bad. I think there was some medical supplies back in the S.T.A.R.S. room." Claire nodded and ran back, to where the shattered window created sharp shards of glass and into the office. In the corner were boxes and a medic bag, with the name Chambers written on it. Inside was a single first aid spray and some bandages. "Bingo."

Claire ran back to Tony, and applying the spray to his back as he winced, and proceeding to bandage the wound up. "That should hold you for now Tony." "Thanks, Claire." Leon obtained the bag once more, and in a pleading tone, "Can we please get downstairs now!" Claire smiled and nodded in agreement. "Tony, why'd you even come up here anyway?" "I wanted to check what was taking you guys so long. Hey, where's that little girl anyway?" Claire looked at Leon. "Let's talk about it down in the office, huh?"

Claire, Tony, and Leon made their way back downstairs, through the evidence room, and back into the relative safety of the office. Marvin, Nathan, and the lady in the sun dress were sitting together, chatting. Marvin turned to the crew that returned. "You're back, I take it it went well?" Leon tossed the bag of guns in front of him. "We do have a problem though. I'll let Claire take this one."

When Claire had finished explaining their new situation, the room seemed to pause in time as they pondered the new information. At last, the lady in the sun dress spoke up. "Wow, so not only does this girl lie to us, she loses the very girl she was supposed to be protecting and now Tony is injured too! I wouldn't want her around my daughter." Claire was a little ticked at being judged so harshly, but understood where she was coming from. Marvin diffused a bit of the tension. "Look, Cindy, there's no point tossing around blame. Let's find Sherry as soon as we can, and then we can focus on our escape. She can't have gone too far. Let's get loaded up, wait for Kevin, and we'll go out there immediately." Cindy crossed her arms in defeat. Nathan reached into the bag, getting out his shotgun he wanted. "Look at this baby, SPAS-12! This is the real military shit."


Kevin led Ben through the basement hallways. "Oh shit!" exclaimed Kevin. "What is it now, I'd really like to get upstairs before I'm zombie chow." "I promised Tony I'd get his dog Ace for him. It's back near the cells, I gotta go or else he'll pissed. Look, if you think you can handle it, you can go ahead on your own. I'll give you a gun." Ben rolled his eyes, and said, "Fine, I think I can handle myself. Hand it over." Kevin handed him an unloaded 9mm with a box of ammo. "Tell the others I'll be right there!" Kevin went sprinting down the hall. Ben took a deep breath and loaded the gun. "Raccoon's finest..." Ben walked his way through the silent halls. "Deep breaths Ben." He thought he heard a crash behind him. He turned around gun aiming, when suddenly he was grabbed by the back. "Oh shit, what the fuck." Smashed up against the wall, he saw a slim, masked figure in a red dress aiming a gun at his face. "The information, hand it to me." The voice was clearly feminine. "What are you..." "Don't play dumb with me Ben. You're so called scoop of the century." "Come on lady..." The lady reached into his pocket, taking out a bunch of papers. "Ben Ben Ben. We had a deal. Consider your escape null and void." "What, it was you?" The lady took off her mask. "That's right, you should've cooperated Ben." She aimed at Ben's head and shot him.


In a dark cellar, Sherry opened her eyes...

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