Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


12. Together but Alone

In the basement of the R.P.D., Kevin was coming through with Tony's dog Ace in tow. Kevin was relieved that Ace hadn't ended up like Tony's other dogs and in fact shuddered at the thought. Ace was a lean, mean German Shepherd, but had that cute puppy face you couldn't help but love. Kevin was feeling good; he had Ace, he was going to meet up with the others again, and he felt like he a real shot at beating this thing. Kevin finished cutting through the R.P.D. parking garage, moving into the hallways that connected to the upstairs portion of the station. Kevin rounded the corner, and immediately spotted a body next to the morgue entrance. "Oh, crap..." Kevin sprinted down the hall with Ace, and confirmed his suspicions that the body was Ben's. "Hmm, not a zombie or anything like that. Ben was shot. Shit, we're killing our own now?" Kevin sighed and pet a worried Ace. "Come on, I really just want to get back to the others now, what do you say?" Ace barked in approval.


Upstairs, in the office, the survivors were getting antsy. Nathan played with his loaded shotgun, a look of bored disdain on his face. Cindy eyed the Samurai Edge she took, recalling the lessons her husband taught her. Breathe, pull, don't squeeze, and most importantly, breathe. Cindy smiled, which was washed away when she realized she may never even see her husband again. Claire took a seat next to Cindy, who moved a bit further away in a passive-aggressive move. "Cindy, was it? Look, I know you're mad at me, but I found out something and I lost my temper. It happens." Cindy looked at Claire with a scowl. "You're just a little girl like her anyway. I get that you're sorry, but you put us into a bad situation. You still need to grow up a bit and take responsibility for your actions." Suddenly, a knock on the office door. Claire got up, muttering a little "Thank God" under her breath. Marvin yelled at the door. "Kevin, that you?" "Yeah, and Ace too! Let me in!" Marvin unlocked the door and let Kevin in. Tony lit up at the sight of Ace. "Ace, boy! I was so worried about you!" Tony pet Ace and Ace licked him back. Kevin smirked. "Take your mangy mutt Tony!" Ace barked at Kevin. "That's right boy, you tell him." Kevin noticed Claire in the back of the room. "Well, nobody told me we invited yet another pretty lady to the party." Claire blushed as Kevin continued. "I'm Kevin, Kevin Ryman. When did you get here?" Leon answered for her. "Claire got here a little more than an hour ago I suppose. She had a little girl with her, Sherry, but... uh... she got lost." Kevin shook his head. "Well, we gotta find her then! What are we doing sitting on our asses!" Nathan jumped down from his desk seat. "That's speaking my language. Hey, where the hell's that reporter dude anyway?" Kevin looked at Nathan, then back at Marvin, who was just as eager to learn what happened. "Well, to put it bluntly, he's dead. Shot in the head. Not self-inflicted, I'm pretty sure." Marvin shook his head. "Well, shit. Weren't you with him the whole time?" "I had to go back for Ace and I left him to his own devices."

Leon stepped in. "It may sound cruel and uncaring, but we have a lot on our plate right now. He could've came up when he had the chance like Nathan did, but he didn't. His loss." Marvin shook his head in agreement. "The rookie's right. We have a little girl out there, and our number one priority is finding her and getting out of here. We're all loaded up, so let's not spend one more minute in this damn office. I'll lead the way, we'll start upstairs in the library."

The survivors gathered up their weapons and ammo and left the office behind, moving into the main hall. Marvin pressed a button by a computer, lowering an emergency ladder. "Up here everyone." Marvin waited by the ladder waiting for everyone to go up first. Tony put Ace on his back to bring him up. Marvin at last brought up the rear. Nathan remarked that things looked clear. Claire was around the corner, kneeling down. Her face was shocked. "Guys, aren't these shorts, Sherry's?" Everyone looked equally as worried. "Sherry, what happened to you?"

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